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By now, it’s universally accepted that online reviews can have a big impact on the success (or failure) of a business. Certainly, consumers rely on online reviews to help them make decisions about where to spend their money. It is not often that you find a quality contractor.

The “handyman” that home advisor sent was totally unprepared and incompetent! More and more, you will have less contact with your customers before they make their buying decisions. But all the competition in this market sector doesn’t guarantee success. Still, for those without industry connections, contractor review sites sometimes can let them hire like pros.

Porch responded to our author’s request after the piece was published. Some aspects of the reforms went into effect immediately, while others were phased in. The number one reason that an application may be denied is the applicant’s failure to accurately disclose his/her conviction record. Applicants are given the opportunity to explain any criminal conviction. Just because you have been convicted of a crime does not automatically mean your application will be denied.

Construction Site Complaints | Duration 2 Minutes 55 Seconds

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Depending on the scope of work, licensed professionals may be required to prepare building plans.

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