What Licenses Do Roofing Pros Need ? License In Illinois

Once you’ve passed your exam, you must apply for a license. One thing roofing contractors must know are the permits needed for each state. Illinois does not require continuing education be completed for license renewal.

The licensing requirements ensure that plumbers have the knowledge and capacity to serve citizens in the state. The state differentiates between plumbers and plumbing contractors. The limited license comes in two different forms: the residential and the commercial/industrial. We know the best way to quell test anxiety is to be as prepared as possible.

The perquisite for obtaining a license and the applying process are different for roofing and plumbing contractors, as is the process of renewing the license. Contractors and subcontractors are licensed by trade for the specific work they will perform (general contractor is not valid). Illinois has a basic training requirement for employees of security agencies (whether armed or unarmed) and for employees of proprietary security forces (when armed).

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