VECO Contractors’ Day

No, the lineman’s rodeo does not include bulls. The company has an existing number of 19 contractors. As an added service to our contractor customers, we offer special access to downloadable forms, our entire product catalog, job bidding software and more to help your business succeed.

Our clients are busy professionals who do not have the time nor desire to “manage” their contractor. Of the 25 per cent who said they wouldn’t recommend contracting, the majority (62 per cent) cited worry about where the next contract would come from as the reason. However, most contractors have prepared themselves well for gaps in employment. Contractors overall often behave very similarly to entrepreneurs.

A certificate will be issued to all students who satisfactorily complete the course and is valid for 5 years.

Day In The Life Of A 19 Yr Old Contractor | Ep.1| | Duration 10 Minutes 56 Seconds

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