Understanding Multi Licensing State License Schools California

Many states require general contractors (commercial or residential) to obtain licenses at the state level. All too often, a contractor is faced with the harsh financial reality of losing out on what could have been a lucrative contract because the contractor fails to take into consideration the lead time necessary to obtain a license in the state where the job will be performed. After all of those requirements are met, the state contractor licensing board approves the application and issues the license.

Reciprocity can have a different meaning from state-to-state, but typically it refers to the state’s willingness to accept the contractor’s proof of licensure in the contractor’s home state for purposes of waiving an examination requirement. The examination process varies from state-to-state. If the contractor is an individual, he or she sits for the exam. The exam proctors vary depending upon the testing companies and sites approved by the state’s licensing board.

Generally speaking, employers prefer to see some formal schooling when hiring technicians. Some states have continuing education requirements for certain licenses. The individuals requested that their names not be published because they feared they would not be paid. Perez said she was saddened by the news of a possible switch to a monthly publication.

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