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There is never a convenient time for disaster to strike, and when it does, you want to be sure that the results are satisfying. You may have business property to house equipment and provide office space, or you may operate exclusively out of your work truck. We also will advise you on your potential need for builders risk insurance to ensure that as each construction job progresses, the building is covered relative to its growing value.

Commercial vehicle insurance is virtually essential if you use your truck or other vehicle in your construction work. Workers compensation insurance is a type of commercial insurance that may be required if you employ even one person in your construction business. An essential aspect of your operation is the paperwork required just to do the job. If your city licenses roofing companies, it likely maintains a listing of licensed general contractors or roofing companies.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers employees that are injured on the job, while protecting employers by limiting their liability. Who needs to be covered by the policy, where you can buy it and how much it will cost are influenced by state legislation and the state’s current legal and political climate. If a business operates in multiple states, or employees travel across state lines to work, a multi-state policy or all-states endorsement may be needed to ensure coverage. No deductions are made from employees’ pay for unemployment insurance. All businesses need labor law posters posted in a prominent place for all of their employees.

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Exit interviews are an important part of the employee process. It can be mentally and emotionally draining when an accident or bad weather damages your property. When you hire an attorney, whether it be for one case or many, you want a lawyer that suits you. A painting business faces risks every day that could lead to lawsuits. It is easy to forget about necessary insurance when the business is running smoothly. Other types of policies would include product and public liability. Public liability is coverage that protects you in the event something your company or one of your employees does causes damages to the public. This will give you a much greater chance at beating the average cost for a contractor insurance policy. With more contractor insurance companies competing for your business, your odds of finding the best deal are greatly increased. Your home is likely the most valuable asset that you own. Trust participants have access to a complete portfolio of products and services.

Our approach involves taking a detailed look at all of your exposures and determining which coverages best address each risk. We invite you to learn more about how we can help protect all that’s important to you as well as your hard work. These guys are the best insurance men in the county. In addition to state license requirements, any person or company actively involved in general contracting must maintain several types of insurance to protect their clients in case of accident or failure to perform a contract. General liability insurance covers property loss and bodily injury to non-employees of the contractor.

Surety bonds are required by most local building departments.

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