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We have years of experience in converting old, neglected basements into the perfect addition to one’s home. No matter how new or old your home is, your basement can be vulnerable to leaks and water damage. While there are many home improvement projects that you can complete successfully on your own, basement waterproofing should not be one of them.

A basement has many unique challenges not present in the rest of the home. A basement is going to look a little different than the rest of the home. A basement provides an environment that requires different building materials than the rest of the home. For example, it’s common for a general contractor to install carpet on top of a wood sub floor in a basement area.

Basement contractors who have a long history in basement finishing are aware of these conditions and are able to prepare a lasting solution for the homeowner. Simply put, general contractors do not make their living finishing basements. Additionally, a general contractor will generally schedule their jobs tightly, and if they’ve underestimated the time needed, they may need to return at a later date to complete the work. We can also perform all the services necessary to repair, encapsulate, and insulate your crawl space. Basement waterproofing makes your home stronger, safer and healthier.

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Most crawl spaces aren’t built to stay clean and dry. One of the biggest concerns homeowners have is keeping their basement dry. It’s time to straighten these homeowners out and bust some of the common myths about the perceived disadvantages of concrete floors. Read about how this concrete basement transformation, using concrete dyes and stencils, improved the look of the basement and decreasedallergies by reducing moisture contaminants. To keep concrete floors warmer underfoot in winter, homeowners can install in-floor radiant heat before the slab is poured. Hardwood flooring isn’t a practical covering for most basement slabs because of the potential exposure to moisture and humidity. Henson points out that for new construction, building codes in his area require radon testing. Our team of basement waterproofing professionals will come to your home, pinpoint the cause of the leak, and then come up with a plan of action for getting the issue taken care of once and for all. Nobody else in the area works on basement problems. Water can find its way into a basement in many different ways. Water entering a basement is a common problem for home owners.

During rains the water table surrounding your home rises. Basements that have water leaks are repaired from the inside. The repair is the same for basements that have leaks through the wall-floor joint, floor cracks or block walls. A sump pump removes the water that enters your basement and prevents it from flooding. When a storm cuts off electrical power to your home a standard sump pump will not be able to work.

Or perhaps you are considering adding a second suite or basement apartment for an in-law, live-in nanny or as a source of rental income? In either scenario we say, don’t just think about it finishing your basement, just do it. We specialize in complete basement finishing by turning your un-finished basement into a new and beautiful living space that will exceed your dreams and expectations. Our reputation is built on our commitment to provide complete customer satisfaction. We stand behind our quality and guarantee all our work. There is simply nothing as frustrating to a home or business owner as a wet, leaking basement. During winter, a frost line forms deep within the ground, but often frost lines fail to form within a few feet of basement walls.

One way to prevent water from entering the basement is by installing a series of pipes and pumps that keep the water away from basement walls.

A waterproofing contractor generally has some training in general plumbing. Tools are required for any waterproofing contractor job. Step cracks normally occur after a house was just built and are very common.

Basement and structural cracking analysis is not an amateur sport. We’ve been at this for a while, and know what it’s like to experience the worries that come with damage to your home. We specialize in exterior and interior basement waterproofing. When you have a damp, wet basement, it’s impossible to utilize the extra space due to threatening elements and conditions. In the event that your surrounding soil conditions are caused by massive amounts of standing water within your yard, we offer drainage and grading that will alleviate this. When moisture and water has already infiltrated your basement, mold may become a problem. A sinking home can be detrimental and daunting for homeowners. Are you suffering from broken masonry that was once a beautiful part of your home?

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Renovation can mean a lot of different things, from basic upgrades to complete overhauls and the building of additional rooms. Your consultation is more than just a simple price estimate. First, you should decide what you want out of your basement renovation. The cost of a basement renovation will depend entirely on the renovation services that you need. You certainly want a great basement, but you have to define what that means. You can keep your basement finishing costs low by, first, getting free estimates and comparing prices amongst competing contractors. As with any home renovation project, you should work with a contractor you trust on your basement renovation.

Your home is a place of comfort for you and your family.

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We understand the stress of never knowing the next time your basement or crawlspace will be inundated with ground water. Waterproofing issues can be difficult to spot, and even more difficult to solve. Many contractors will propose the installation of expensive interior drainage systems — even if you don’t need one — when most moisture problems can be solved through less expensive means. Most basements get wet when rainwater runs toward the walls of houses from roofs, yards and driveways.

Start by cleaning your gutters, repairing holes, and making sure they slope toward downspouts and have not come loose from the house, allowing water to fall directly from the roof to the ground. The next step is to inspect the soil around your house and regrade it if necessary. A grading solution obviously has important advantages. If portions of your yard slope toward your house, you may have to cut a swale to divert water before it reaches the house. Regrading or diverting surface water will solve most basement moisture problems, but it may not always be the best approach. Our waterproofing solutions can solve any basement water problem caused by a failed sump pump, overflowing gutters, leaky windows or wall cracks or water seeping through the basement floor. We will send a tech out to pinpoint the cause of the leak, mold, or humidity problem beneath your home. Drying a wet basement may seem like a huge undertaking, but our waterproofing technicians know what solution to use to prevent water from leaking into your basement.

A complete inspection by a waterproofing professional is a must to ensure a dry basement to protect your investment. Basement waterproofing does not have to be a huge expense. Epoxy injection and polyurethane injection are two examples of today’s repair systems. A trained professional usually can make all the repairs in one day or less. Water can be a formidable foe, it can find the smallest entry points into your home so every precaution must be taken.

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We also offer painting services to brighten up your walls and make your basement a more cheerful place. Unfortunately, these systems really don’t solve your problem, just hides it.

These system companies usually offer a lifetime warranty or guarantee on their work. You will find many contractors that promise to provide waterproofing services, but in reality, they only use an interior water control system. To understand the problem better, bear in mind that the root cause isn’t water itself. One of the costliest water control systems is the inside-outside approach. An interior water control system uses a sump pump to eliminate water from the system. We specialize in custom built bars that are built on site. If you’re l ooking to add a home theater, our team can custom build the theater of your dreams. Midwestern homes face many different risks of floods. Craftsman guaranteed the basement would be finished in 45 calendar days – it was completed in 37 calendar days. Craftsman operates their business with integrity and honesty.

If you’re considering a remodel but still want plenty of storage space, make sure to plan for closets, shelves and room under the stairway. You have reviewed several options for basement renovation and also the concept of an additional laundry room or guest room isn’t appealing to your interests. Most projects can be completed quickly and economically with minimal disruption and without having to remove and replace the existing concrete. People have different visions of what they want in a finished basement. With years of experience and hundreds of happy customers we know what it takes to solve your problem quickly and effectively. Finished basements are much more than just an extra room. Interested in what your new basement might cost? Basement leaks can come from a number of different issues, and each one requires a different solution. These days, most waterproofing is done by system companies. If your home has a basement, moisture control should be high on the list of your home maintenance plan. We make it easy for customers to understand their waterproofing options, and we’ll guide you through the entire process—from the initial consultation to the final installation and beyond. It’s helpful to know whether the whole job will be handled in-house or parceled out to subcontractors. Steve stresses that this should be a framework, not dates carved in stone. You should get a written plan with the company logo on it. Some contractors will have you pick products at the local big box store. Compare reviews, experience and more from the list of basement finishing pros below. Therefore, you need to get a few in-person estimates from reliable basement remodeling contractors. Basement remodels range from framing or one small bedroom addition to all new floors and a full basement remodel! Basements may be the lowest room in your home, but there’s no reason not to hold yours to a higher standard.

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