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The company has uncompromising dedication to quality and achieves consistently results in and timely completion of projects which are well engineered and safely constructed. It should be noted that the construction industry is very fluid. The other option is to pick from pre-qualified contractors according to their clarification and grade in lieu of scope of work.

One of the reasons explaining this is lack of consistent government policy and support to the industry. Uganda has substantial natural resources, including fertile soils, regular rainfall, and sizable mineral deposits of copper and cobalt. Our team of professionals will help you turn your dream home or flat into a reality fast. Prism has a track record of bidding on projects with the highest level of integrity.

Whereas the importance of the construction industry, its challenges as well as risks are well publicised, with several similarirites in both developed and developing countries, the scale and magnitude of such challenges and risks in developing countries is much higher. Bundu is here to secure your business with state of the art structures, cool and ambient office environment and professionally installed air conditioning projects. Bundu provides a complete service to all users of air conditioning equipment. But because the arms-length arrangement exists outside traditional channels, there is virtually no public scrutiny or oversight. There is precedent for the use of contractors in spying operations.

Uganda Plans To Construct Electric Railway | Duration 3 Minutes 8 Seconds

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It’s also one of the leading providers of mercenaries—or “private military contractors,” as the security industry prefers to call them. Karuhanga also called on government to introduce a contractor classification and registration scheme to promote transparency and competition in civil works procurement. With a first-class reputation among past and present customers, our mission is to continue doing excellent work. Our electrical department consist of a team of very competent personnel headed by very well qualified and experienced electrical engineers who have vast experience in the installation and maintenance of electro-appliances. For large construction projects, you need to use the right tools to do the job right.

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