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The crew was very friendly and answered all of our questions. The remodeling crews that worked on my home were professional and paid attention to detail. When homeowners are choosing the materials they’ll use for their siding, they often choose either wood or vinyl.

You can always start with bathroom remodeling if you plan to update your home. It will be nice to get rid of that old scratched and stained tub, the faded floors, the weird colored toilet, and the old countertops. When you trust our team with your kitchen remodeling project, you get full service. To help protect the investment you’re making in your home, we also back all of the products we install with lifetime warranties.

Our service technicians are trained to troubleshoot your electrical problems in a timely manner and with minimal interruptions. We work with new construction and commercial renovation work. If you’re ready to get started on a commercial renovation or new construction home, you’ll want to choose a general contractor that’s been in the construction industry and that offers unbeatable service and top-quality work. Walking down to your basement after a storm, it’s the smell that hits you first — that moldy, musty odor that lets you know right away that you’ve got a moisture problem. From your driveway and sidewalk to your patio and pool deck — the concrete around your home serves as its calling card.

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You’ll be able to finish your project on time with the help of our expert painting and flooring specialists. Schendel recently landscaped our front, and it looks fantastic! As buildings are exposed to weather and time, they can be in need of refurbishing. Brick and stone are prized for their durability, but even the toughest materials wear out over time. Real, quality stone and brick work makes a statement. The great thing about using stone and brick as building materials is that even though they look expensive they are actually very affordable.

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