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Maintaining different areas of your home can help prevent pests. Stay current with news from us and any specials we may be offering. In agriculture, pests are kept at bay by cultural, chemical and biological means.

Pest control is at least as old as agriculture, as there has always been a need to keep crops free from pests. The conventional approach was probably the first to be employed, since it is comparatively easy to destroy weeds by burning them or ploughing them under, and to kill larger competing herbivores. The efficacy of chemical pesticides tends to diminish over time. After doing some digging we learned this isn’t an isolated incident.

Complete the entire form and attach copies of all documents pertaining to the complaint. In the fall, these rather disgusting bugs seek refuge in our homes, unleashing the “ick” factor when they drop from our ceilings. There is nothing more frustrating than an insect or pest invasion. As a premier exterminator we’re known for using only the most premium products and responsible application methods, we take on invasions big and small. Termiticides must be applied in such a manner that there remains an unbroken perimeter of treatment between the wood frame and the concrete slab. Service provider was right on time and explained what he was going to do inside and outside the house. Jarrod was very punctual, polite, professional and knowledgeable. If the damage from the termites is minimal, you may be able to use wood hardeners to fill in the gaps and strengthen the wood. If the damage is extensive enough that you can see channels in the wood, you will need to fill those with wood filler. Note that you will need to monitor your wood during wet months as the moisture can cause new cracks where you used the wood filler. Eventually the damage gets so bad that you have to replace the wood entirely. We realize the impact pest problems can have on your business, your employees and your customers. We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Because termites consume cellulose and wood material, a home is a potential food source. Stop subterranean termites before they even have a chance to get started. Builders love direct wood treatments because this type of pretreatment is not delayed by weather or standing water in footers.

Take termite treatment directly to the food source with our pre-construction wood treatments. Before building your new home, ensure that you have the highest quality and most effective pest preventative measures.

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