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Super fast sending me a quote on all aspects of the job. With the complexity of today’s power and energy climate, our clients require an astute level of understanding and environmental sensitivity while working around and within power and energy sites. We believe that all incidents and accidents are preventable.

And finally, we are committed to our employees’ success, project success and most of all customer success. From getting your construction site up and running to handling emergencies, our generators and distribution equipment will get the job done. Heat, cold and moisture can damage building materials. Our equipment will get you online faster than waiting for the local utility.

An electrical problem can not only be frustrating it can be very dangerous if ignored. Additionally, new construction costs for power plants are moderated by a number of other factors. One of the core factors affecting construction costs for power generation facilities is the type of proposed facility. When analyzing power plant construction costs it is important to keep in mind that realized construction costs can be influenced by a number of dynamics. Power plant construction costs are presented as the cost in dollars per kilowatt.

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It is important to note that the construction of wind generators is heavily reliant on the current regulatory landscape and generation costs. Combined cycle plants, defined as having at least one combustion turbine and one steam turbine, operate at much higher efficiency levels than the other types. Solar power plant construction cost, like those for natural gas, is also highly dependent on the underlying technology utilized in the plant. Towers for support of the lines are made of wood (as-grown or laminated), steel or aluminum (either lattice structures or tubular poles), concrete, and occasionally reinforced plastics. Structures for overhead lines take a variety of shapes depending on the type of line. Power lines and supporting structures can be a form of visual pollution. For a single wood utility pole structure, a pole is placed in the ground, then three crossarms extend from this, either staggered or all to one side. A grounded wire is sometimes strung along the tops of the towers to provide lightning protection. A single-circuit transmission line carries conductors for only one circuit. The bedrock of our success and customer loyalty is our employees. Our company and staff are committed to professionalism and safety.

Too often in business, the word “small” is meant to denote a lack of power or influence. Our equipment can get you online faster than waiting for the local utility. Principle service includes new construction and renovation of electrical work in the commercial and industrial sector. We specialize in the construction of high voltage power lines, and substations. Michels builds and maintains safe, dependable and environmentally responsible electrical infrastructure – the type of systems your customers demand.

Power plants can spend upwards of 75% of their maintenance budget on outage services. Our engineering team develops approaches and methodologies, and gives transparency to our work.

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