Sclafmore Construction Masonry Contractor New York City

Architects can rest assured knowing we have been using proven means and methods to get the job done necessary to meet or exceed the building codes and customers expectations. The law also does not make clear if a freelance worker who has one or more employees, helpers, or subcontractors is considered a “freelance worker” under the law, particularly if the independent contractor discloses to the service recipient that he or she “partners” with others. Whether in the corporate interiors, retail, hospitality or building infrastructure sectors, our people understand how these projects need to be run from conception to close out.

A company is nothing more than a collection of people. We believe our people are some of the industry’s finest and our most important asset. The lives of these three workers were cut off prematurely. Falls are the largest single cause of construction-related deaths.

Your roof is vital to your comfort and the safety of your property.

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