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If your business is looking to save money by improving its overall energy efficiency, lighting is a great place to start! Our employees are trained to the highest safety standards. The best-trained, most qualified workers do the best work.

Don’t let an emergency disrupt you or your business. Our highly skilled and trained technicians specialize in securing your sensitive data and assets. Our product range includes commercial and industrial lighting products suitable for almost any environment, including healthcare establishments and shopping centres. We are a leading provider of innovative lighting supplies.

As a lighting retrofit company, we’ve worked on cutting edge lighting technology. Regular maintenance and cleaning is important for any exterior lighting. It takes a lot of lighting to brighten up a workspace. You’ll be amazed at how much money this simple change will save you over the course of a few years. Anytime you are trying to get the lighting required to illuminate your place of business, it can be a challenge.

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Often, when dealing with a commercial building, the fixtures are high off the ground and unreachable without the specialized equipment that is required to get the job done. Our 24 hour emergency electrical services are just a phone call away to help you when your problems need immediate attention. Understanding how these professionals differ and interact is valuable in attempting to understand in greater depth the dynamics of the sales channel. The primary market actor is the end-user—the owner or operator. We utilize wet label fluorescent fixtures which are self-contained and withstand direct exposure to water. Retail shops and commercial office buildings, as well as industrial locations have a similar types of lighting installations. Although many offices and retail locations are phasing out incandescent lighting for more energy-efficient types, incandescent lighting still illuminates many office spaces, particularly in the form of halogen lamps. Very common as an office lighting or retail lighting solution, fluorescent lighting is used to spread overhead light over large areas. Metal halide lights produce intensely bright white light with a high color-rendering index (more of the spectrum is created in this white light). Wall pack lighting is the most common form of outdoor lighting fixture used for commercial and industrial facilities. Our commercial electricians are skilled professionals who are dedicated to bringing electrical solutions to the table.

Feel free to contact us today to receive a quote for your commercial project. We begin the process by analyzing the space needing a new lighting system. When it comes to proper illumination, you need the right solutions. Our selection covers all your lighting needs for every imaginable area. Regardless of what area you are burying for or your needs, we are confident you will find the right solution.

Are you in the business of installing and/or re-selling landscape lights? We review every application in a process that typically takes 24 to 72 hours. Many people overcompensate when purchasing energy-saving lamps and end up with intense lighting situations. Sacramento area customers have benefited greatly from local commercial lighting contractors. Commercial lighting extends to every sector of the business world. Let’s examine five of the most common lighting types on the market. However, all this traffic can lead to problems when the sun goes down and the darkness sets in.

Parking lot lighting has specific requirements.

Next, parking lot lighting should be able to illuminate large spaces, providing maximum visibility. Areas for learning will be improved, hallways and dark areas will be brighter and your parking areas will be safer. High light quality in parking areas amounts to safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

The first step to modernizing your lighting starts by having one of our certified electricians visit your property. Our quotes department will review every quote to assure it’s complete package. Senergy helps businesses of all sizes run better, smarter and more efficiently. Our expertise will always be evident in the products and work we provide. If your business has parking lot lighting or other outside lighting, you may not be sure if all your lights are on every night. When it comes to electrical troubleshooting or repair work, this type of work cannot be accurately priced over the phone. Updated lighting could help your organization save thousands on your light bill and on the cost of replacing burned-out light bulbs. On your installation day, our in-house electrician(s) arrive promptly with the right equipment and a fully stocked truck.

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed – we stand behind our work and our products. Aesthetically pleasing fixtures are now in high demand. As businesses implement changes, some are also realizing the economic value of the changes. We believe in doing the right job, not the job you think you want. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do. On average warehouses use 39% of their energy consumption for lighting. Commercial offices on average use 39% of their energy consumption for lighting.

Customer safety was also a key consideration in developing the lighting scheme. Commercial lighting fixtures are much more practical in their nature and have a concise and clean look. If you’re considering changing your commercial lighting fixtures or you’re in the process of building and need to install lights, we are here to help you. To retrofit lights, our electrical contractors replace all outdated lamps and ballasts with newer, more energy efficient products that require less power. A valuable part of commercial lighting installation is installing energy efficient lighting controls such as timers, dimmers, and sensors.

Call us now if you need service and we won’t let you down!

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