Piering Minneapolis Steel Belleville

We use the latest drilling technology to send our helical piles deeper than ever. When choosing a roof type, it is about so much more than just looks – although looks matter too. While there are other benefits, such as good looks, these are some of the main selling points for this type of metal roof.

However, it may be that you would like to convert your current roof to metal roofing. Shingle granules in your eaves or gutters means you have wear and tear and your shingles are disintegrating. Uneven shingle wear or damage where the downspout is connected from one part of the roof to a lower part means your downspout has a leak and the water is wearing your roof out below. An interior leak in your home right above a skylight, roof vent, or chimney may mean the sealants have deteriorated.

We specialize in residential and commercial roofing. The beginning of the building process starts with getting to know you and your unique needs. These boots never failed to deliver anything other than excellent performance and durability. Almost all homeowners undertake costly roofing repairs, averaging three roof replacements in their lifetime. Roof battens are thin strips of material that may be made of wood, plastic or metal. On roofs with a steep slope, tiles are usually fastened to battens. Battens elevate the roof tile off the roof deck, and this ensures that water drains off the roof.

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