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We are a premier, comprehensive service, concrete sub-contractor. We go beyond the traditional capabilities of our competitors. We can help you fit the perfect roof for your needs matched with the things you value in a roofing job.

Siding replacement or soffit and fascia repair on your home is probably one of the biggest home improvement decisions you will make. Our service professionals will also check for proper attic insulation, attic ventilation and include any soffit vents or ridge vents as needed. Paving costs often increase due to regulations and material price fluctuation. Corestone is a full service soil stabilization and pavement reclamation contractor.

Our goal is to minimize inconvenience during your project, which is why our team is made up of courteous, knowledgeable, responsible professionals who you can trust to protect your home and keep it clean and organized during remodeling. Within 48 hours you will receive a detailed written and itemized cost of your project. Does your wallpaper date back to years gone by? The key to picking the right fence is first understanding what you need and what you want. As anyone who has ever been through the process can attest, installing a new fence along your property can be a surprisingly challenging task.

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Being a general contractor can be a challenging and exciting career. Being an established business for over 24 years you tend to learn a thing or two. Houston is home to more than 6, 000 manufacturers who employ almost a quarter of a million skilled workers. Even when not required by law, it is highly recommended to only hire contractors with active workers’ compensation policies and general liability insurance. We strive to be different in our industry in the best way possible. Need a quick rehab work to make a house rent ready fast? Need a few quick fixes to bump up the value of your wholesale deal before flipping it? Need a full rehab work so you can sell the house retail? Need a quick fix for your house you can’t do yourself? Need a full blown renovation work for your home? Our team consists of professional artisans and craftsmen with decades of combined experience.

We pay attention to what our clients want, suggest things we believe our clients need, then we execute the final plan with precision and expertise. General contractors oversee all of the aspects of a construction undertaking, from managing workers on the site to overseeing the final elements of the project. Receive a form of education dealing with the construction trade. Painting contractors protect their business assets by obtaining general commercial liability insurance policies. Painting contracting companies can be held responsible for the actions of their employees if accidents occur away from a worksite and may want to consider extra protection against different types of liabilities.

General contractors that hire self-employed painters typically prefer that the painter is covered by a workers’ compensation policy in case injuries occur on the job. Business planning for your roofing company is vital to your success, and will help lead you through the startup, financing and operational procedures of your new business. If you plan to obtain a loan to finance all or part of your roofing business, you will need a formal business plan. Local business permits are obtained from your town or city hall. State contracting licenses for roofers, and general and specialty contractors are obtained at your state’s department of business regulation or licensing office. Equipment will vary with your type of roofing work, but will include a suitable work vehicle and all necessary tools, ladders, scaffolding and safety gear required to perform your roofing work. Business liability insurance is required in every state, and worker’s compensation is required in some states.

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There is no right answer to this question as there are many variables. A home is often the largest investment a person will make in their lifetime. If the needed roof repairs are the result of a weather event, homeowners should do two things immediately.

The pillars we pride ourselves on are on-time service, up-front pricing, and trusted service. What with the boom of local industry and rising traffic concerns, many are finding it wise to live closer to the city’s center, especially that of the trendier west side. Would you like assistance with choosing colors and styles that will enhance your existing look and architecture? Home remodel styles are constantly evolving; this year, open kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, and stunning views are what’s hot. The business owner may be performing residential jobs, new or existing commercial work or both. Environmental and construction specialist focusing on asbestos removal and mold abatement. The construction community in each area has had to pick itself back up while making essential repairs to control damage to buildings and other infrastructure. Immediately after the storm, contractors fielded client requests for remediation help, such as tearing out wet drywall, patching roofs and removing debris to prevent further damage.

All that is yielding more extensive rebuilding work, which contractors expect to keep them busy in the coming months. Drywall panels are common interior wall coverings. Becoming a hanger doesn’t require any particular education or certification. In the construction industry, drywall contractors are professionals who own their own companies. Depending on the state, residential and commercial drywall work may require two separate licenses or one. Florida requires licensing for drywall or gypsum contractors. You must also purchase liability and property damage insurance in the amounts the licensing board requires.

We recognize how much scheduling and flexibility mean to you. Fill out this quick form and one of our representatives will help you find the right solution to fit your needs. If you have a project that isn’t listed, give us a call today!

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