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You’ve done the work, but you still haven’t gotten paid. Let us handle the complicated legal documents and filing. Most contractors and suppliers work on privately owned projects.

Lien filing can be a time-consuming task for any construction company, especially when its attention is divided between securing receivables and finishing the project at hand. All it takes is three simple steps to complete your mechanics liens. Different states may provide different guidelines and policies when it comes to filing a lien. Answer a few questions and we’ll create your construction lien document.

Everyone who does not contract with the property owner must send a preliminary notice within 20 days of first furnishing labor or materials to the construction project. Everyone directly contracted with the property owner must send a preliminary notice only if there’s a construction lender for the project. For example, imagine that you hired a contractor to build a new swimming pool in your backyard. Mechanic’s liens create a cloud on title, meaning that they appear in public property records. Practically speaking, this makes it highly unlikely that you would be able to sell your home until you deal with outstanding liens.

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What happens if the general contractor never pays the subcontractor? Not all costs can be included in the amount of a lien. In the above example, the subcontractor could include in her lien the value of the concrete, the rental costs of her equipment, and hourly time cost for her services. While many legal documents look essentially the same from one state to the next, mechanic’s liens are highly state-specific. The paperwork and legal process of filing a mechanics lien can be a grueling ordeal. There are several types of liens, all of which could cloud the title and prevent the seller from conveying marketable title to the buyer. The filing requirements and statutes of limitation for these liens vary according to the law of each state. Perfection is the process of converting a general lien right into an enforceable and valuable right in the real estate. Once a general contractor records the lien claim it can be enforced. There is an exception to the notice requirement. Once the notice is served and the lien claim is recorded, a subcontractor can proceed to enforce its lien claim.

There may be a number of reasons to dispute a contractor lien. Whatever the dispute between the contractor and property owner may be, the contractor lien that has been placed on the real estate can not be released or resolved until the underlying debt is resolved between the parties. Note that #7, above, is a proof of service affidavit. Recording a mechanics lien can be a powerful tool in making sure you are paid what you earned. It behooves contractors and homeowners to know the construction lien process.

The most obvious ramification of performing work without a contract is that if you are not paid, you cannot successfully sue the party for whom you performed the work for breach of the contract. Another, and potentially more troublesome ramification of performing work without a contract is that the contractor will likely lose its rights to place a contractor’s or mechanic’s lien on the property where the work was performed. It can be said that there are two types of contracts – written and oral. One final nail in the coffin for those performing work without a contract – there is usually no right for the contractor to recover its attorney’s fees for enforcing the right to get paid for work. We are passionate about making sure construction companies are protecting their jobs with the proper procedures; whether that is through our service or through your own process, accuracy and timeliness are critical. During these tough economic times we all need to make sure we are taking the proper steps to protect our jobs and ultimately our businesses. The architect argued that it deserved priority because the bank knew that the architect had rendered services prior to the bank recording its deed of trust.

There are no preliminary notice requirements for materials suppliers.

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