North Star Agency Insurance New York

We work with the highest rated insurance carriers to deliver our clients the right protection at the right price. All of that also makes the city an expensive place to insure a construction project. Put our team on your side for all of your construction insurance needs.

There are many accidents that can happen at a construction site, so protecting yourself and your employees is extremely important. With our construction liability team on your side you have the advantage of their years of experience, knowledge, and expertise. Your employer cannot consider you to be an independent contractor unless all three of these facts apply to your work. Protecting your contracting business also requires the right insurance.

We offer commercial liability insurance that covers injuries you cause to others or damage you do to their property under your business activity. Many artisan contractors leave materials at work sites instead of hauling them around or having them delivered at the last minute. In many cases, artisan contractors insurance can end up costing less than you think.

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