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There may be different rules depending on where the job site is located. With your own licensed corporation, you are the president. With a valid contractor’s license, you can pursue bigger and higher paying jobs.

Did you know that 50% of businesses fail within the first year? When you have a broken pipe in your home, a flooded bathroom, a leaking roof or building a new project, it is not uncommon to sometime hire a handyman or a contractor who is uninsured. Insurance requirements in construction contract made provision for inclusion of contractor liability waiver that requires all the subcontractors to waive all rights against the owner and general contractor for damages arising from the work. Anyone who falls under the above definition is a contractor and you need to protect yourself when such person is working on your property.

Before hiring a contractor/handyman, it is only proper that you check and cross check their insurance. Check your homeowner’s policy for details concerning injuries on your property before beginning any project. Ask your contractors/subcontractors to show real proof of their medical coverage before working on your property. Although a third party such as the hospital can sue you for hiring an uninsured worker in the first place, however, with contractor liability waiver, your subcontractor can sue for some injuries. Buttigieg faced mounting pressure to disavow such contributions.

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Home improvements and repairs can pose many difficult problems and potentially lead to complaints for consumers.

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