New York Contractor Board Complaints

In all investigations, the individual or business being investigated will be informed of the allegations against them and will have access to all of the evidence provided in the complaint. Claim for improper work means claim that work was not suited to circumstances under which work was performed and where sufficient evidence exists that work was performed properly, claim cannot stand. Because of temporary technical difficulties, the online complaint form cannot be electronically submitted.

Complaints against illegally unlicensed contractors are referred to the local authorities for criminal prosecution. The consumer is always allowed to pursue collecting damages through the court system. If we are unable to handle your complaint, we will try to refer you to another agency which may be able to help you. Violations of the law by a licensed contractor may result in formal charges against the contractor, which could lead to a citation or suspension or revocation of the contractor’s license.

Contracting without a license is a violation of the law. Florida law requires builders and remodelers to warrant their work for varying lengths of time; your contract may also contain a specific warranty for the work. Your state attorney general’s consumer protection department might have received complaints or mediated a case against your contractor. Thinking about remodeling your house or wondering where to have your car repaired? In most cases, the complainant/homeowner must attend the hearing for it to proceed.

Cslb Enforcement Committee Meeting April, 27, 2015 | Duration 48 Minutes 51 Seconds

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