New Construction Begins On NM Mexico For Border Wall

Monday’s wall announcement garnered international interest. Ten-thousand immigrants have died in the hot terrain. These concrete prototypes will serve two important ends.

While the president-elect’s plan has been to build a physical wall, there have been suggestions the structure will be digital instead. Garza has denied any wrongdoing and has countersued the county. To speed construction, the agency issued a grant to the county that called for “substantial federal involvement” in the project. Garza’s attorney did not respond to request for comment on the county’s newest set of allegations.

The butterfly association’s legal challenge, however, remains unresolved, and the case’s future might be bleak. Caddell is a huge firm that has done a large volume of business with the federal government. Each prototype stands approximately 30 feet tall and 25 feet wide.

Contractor Explains What It Will Take To Build A Border Wall | Duration 4 Minutes

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