Nassau County NY Choice Insurance Agency

Our goal is to match our clients with the insurance package that caters to their lifestyle or business. As your insurance agent, we take the time to evaluate your insurance needs and provide the skill and expertise expected from an established community driven insurance agency. Ensure candidates routinely build projects of the type and size you are proposing.

Expect to see candidates’ state contractor’s license and certificate of insurance. Assess their crews’ work ethics for yourself, including how they treat others’ property. Have your top two or three candidates provide written bids for your project, based on the same specifications. Incorporate every project detail in the contract.

Have several contractors give you written estimates. Using someone local will make it far easier if problems develop in the future. Knowing what the quality of their past work for previous jobs has been can really help you make the correct person. A competent contractor will be properly insured and bonded. Make sure you have a comprehensive contract in hand before any work begins.

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The law may require a “cooling off” period, during which you can cancel the contract without penalty. You should never pay for an entire project before it is completed. When delays happen, and they will, they may not be the fault of your contractor. Protect yourself with low cost insurance against accidents both on and off route. When you work with our agents, you receive local service with expanded opportunities. We offer solutions for challenging classes of business, many with industry association recognition. What small contributions has your agency staff made that transformed someones life? Fortune magazine named 150 companies a great place to work. The truth is that when you work in an industry that is as diverse as the insurance industry, you have a tendency to develop greater expertise in certain kinds of insurance than you do in others. Our professional staff will consistently review coverage’s and products for you – our client. For more than 30 years, health insurance brokers like you have trusted us with their business.

Connecticut homeowners insurance is as unique as our great state. With over 20 years of experience, our team is equipped with the experience and tools to help your company form a dependable connection with providers. Secured by businesses to protect against employee dishonesty and embezzlement either against customers or against the business. When it comes to water from broken pipes or hoses, every minute counts. The adjuster has been provided with estimates from two contractors who were very close in price, one national and one local.

Our goal is to understand our customer’s insurance needs. Many people do not realize that it is their responsibility to maintain adequate insurance coverage. In our area, we have seen the cost of rebuilding double in the last 5-10 years. Staying abreast of changes in state law helps us keep you informed. Having lived in 5 states in the past 26 years, we have had lots of insurance agents and companies. Your insurance covers more than your home and vehicles. By representing multiple insurance companies, we are able to offer you choices and options.

One of our licensed, professional agents will contact you right away.

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