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When done wrong, such a floor can be marred, uneven, and dull. That’s where a good protective coating comes into play, giving concrete that extra layer of protection it needs to endure constant wear and tear. To reduce the effects of the above-mentioned elements, it is important to implement a maintenance program that utilizes sealcoating to extend the life of your parking lot or driveway.

It provides both image and functionality to business or institution. Left untreated, asphalt pavement will deteriorate rapidly. Water, weather, wear and tear and chemical exposure take a constant toll on an industrial facility. Depending on the project and type of coating required, coatings will be applied using brushes, airless sprayers, or paint rollers.

Durable hi-bred paint coatings and supplies for professional contractors and bathtub refinishing and repair companies. That’s where a good coating comes into play, giving concrete that extra layer of protection it needs to endure constant wear and tear. It would be impossible to tell you about every concrete coating on the market, since there are literally hundreds of formulations to choose from. Meet the adhesive and coating solution developed by roofing contractors for roofing contractors. Roofing contractors are able to produce superior work more efficiently in less time.

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Join our preferred customer club free and receive a coupon code good for 10% off your purchase! As a distinguished commercial painting company, we’ve done it all. Add some energy and personality to your next project. Professional grade seal coating not only extends the life of your asphalt investment, it makes the surface more resistant to deterioration from gasoline, oil, and chemicals. Much like regular household paint, there are many different varieties of seal coating. Customer service and cooperation are paramount to the successful completion of any project. As an industrial flooring contractor, we specialize in installing and applying epoxy coatings as well as epoxy flooring systems. With the help of our epoxy flooring systems, customers can protect their concrete floors from chemical deterioration, chemical corrosion, and wear. Customers seeking coating solutions for surfaces requiring moderate service conditions can benefit from our intermediate floor coating systems. The high compressive strength of our seamless, high-build industrial floor coatings that exceeds 10, 000 psi, resists the movement of heavily loaded forklifts and trolleys.

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