Law Offices Of Robert F. French Truckee

Professional service accompanied by personal attention. You deserve to have a skilled advocate speaking for you in court. Having a plan in place for the transfer of your estate will make it much easier for your family to accept your death.

Contractors and construction professionals face higher than average risks, and you need insurance solutions that fit the challenges you face in your industry. Every business has it’s own definition of success. We pride ourselves on fast and friendly service and are here when you need us. In today’s world, people have personal ties to their homes, rightfully so, but may need a rearranged floor plan to fit their growing and changing needs.

Our painting team is approachable and knowledgeable to answer any questions you may have during your project. and when it’s finished, you rest assured that your paint job will last with our 5 year guarantee on all painting work. Along with our strategic partners, we work with you to develop the most affordable, durable, and reliable housing innovations possible

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