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Every business has its own unique insurance needs. A church is not only exposed to risks that are common to most businesses, but also to its own set of unique risks. Looking for a more affordable auto insurance plan?

Having the right business insurance in place can be the difference between continued success and closing up shop. Massachusetts general liability insurance is required by the state for most business owners. Being a successful contractor requires planning and hard work. Are you struggling to find insurance agent who is more interested in helping you succeed in your business rather than getting your business?

Our experience and expertise are hallmarks of our service to customers. We all love how fresh and wonderful a home can feel after a good spring cleaning; but getting started can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, however, there are many less obvious scenarios where the outcome remains uncertain. Read our customers’ comments to find out what it’s like doing business with us. If you do, you’ll see that it’s not about us at all. Massachusetts has seen some nasty winters, resulting in heavy snow- and water-related damage to homes. We took an in-depth look at the state’s five biggest providers by market share. Our team is dedicated to helping you protect what’s most important to you. Recognizing that even the most thought-out home improvement project tends to run up to 10% over budget, careful planning and budgeting before the work starts is paramount. This is a critical, yet often overlooked piece of preventative maintenance. Our agents will make sure that every exposure is well protected so that your business is kept safe from financial disaster. You’ve worked too hard for your contracting business to have inadequate coverage. Effective business insurance protection doesn’t have to break the bank! A workers’ comp policy protects both employer and employee when a work-related injury or illness occurs. Employers must carry an active workers’ compensation insurance policy for all employees, whether full-time, part-time or family. While compliance depends on the number of employees, insurance premium is set based on total payroll.

Businesses in the construction industry vary considerably in size as well as the types of projects they undertake. Not only do we care about providing you with proper protection, but we can also provide guidance and access to tools to help you establish risk management programs to prevent losses before they occur. We have experence working with a variety of construction and contracting forms. This course provides an introduction to important risk management and insurance concepts for all contracting parties to a construction project. Massachusetts has a similar guaranty fund program, but funds it from one-time contributions from contractors.

We work with highly rated insurance companies that provide coverage to protect the integrators, installers, maintenance and operations companies. Across the country, news of wage violations against construction industry companies is becoming more common as state authorities actively pursue charges. Are you ready to receive all the benefits of becoming a member? We want to give you the help you need to get your project off the ground. We offer specialized coverage for artisan contractors. Ready to get the protection your business deserves? Sadly, completing a home improvement project on time, on budget and with good, quality work is the exception rather than the norm these days.

Recognizing that even the most thought-out home improvement projects tend to run up to 10% over budget, careful planning and budgeting before the work starts is paramount.

You should always select a licensed home improvement contractor. Many restoration companies use a variation of trucks, vans, and sedans to service their clients. California law requires an active workers compensation insurance policy for business owners with one or more employees.

Your condo association may have an insurance policy covering the common areas and the grounds of your complex. You know you need insurance, but where do you start?

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