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When issues arise with your air conditioner, several questions pop into your head. We are a full service commercial and residential heating and cooling contractor. We sell and service high quality commercial refrigeration and food preparation equipment to restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more.

We are a family owned and operated business with over thirty years of experience. We’ve pre-screened every contractor listed on our site to ensure the highest quality service. Ventilation includes both the exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within the building. Don’t have 4 years of refrigeration experience?

As a contractor, your business depends on the number of customers you have contacting you for help. You should also have air ducts cleaned after recent water contamination or water damage to prevent mold; after renovations or remodeling to ensure debris and dust didn’t settle in the vents and ducts; if you are having problems with allergies or asthma; or when you are moving into a newly purchased home, especially if the previous owners smoked or had pets. How often you should clean your air ducts depends on your situation. If your air ducts have been damaged, you’ll need to replace them. As a homeowner, hiring a technician to work on your heating, ventilation and cooling system is a task you will most likely have to do at some point.

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A license provides proof that the technician has been professionally trained. Many air conditioning systems include an outdoor unit. Air conditioning has evolved from a luxury to a necessity for many in the past generation. An air conditioner, no matter what type, makes up half of one of the most complex and important systems in your home. The answer has to do with the physics of evaporation. An air conditioner relies on the same principles but the evaporation takes place within a closed loop as a chemical compound is converted from liquid to gas and back to liquid in a continuing cycle. The central air handler blows air taken from the home’s return supply duct over the evaporator coil, cooling it. Just as evaporation removes heat, compression creates heat. An environmental air conditioning endorsement entitles the license holder to engage in air conditioning and refrigeration contracting for environmental air conditioning within the class of license held. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and show proof of 48 months of practical experience in air conditioning and refrigeration work under the supervision of a licensed air conditioning and refrigeration contractor within the last 72 months. Our entire focus for over 30 years has been affordable, responsive service.

It is more economical to maintain an existing air conditioning unit or furnace with regular service and tune-ups than replacing it with a new one due to excessive wear and tear on an over-worked and poorly maintained piece of equipment. No matter how well maintained equipment is, at some point repairs are going to be needed. We offer a variety of heating & air conditioning services to residential as well as commercial clients. We provide food-service equipment repair and installation. All of our customized contracts take all of your operational requirements into consideration.

For example, an individual holding a master electrician license must complete an approved electrical continuing education course.

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