Get Your Contractor In Here License Oregon Requirements

In this guide, you will learn everything needed to know about obtaining this license. With us, you’ll have all the resources and tools needed to embark on this exciting journey. Depending on the needed type of license, there are two different application forms that you have to select from.

Keep in mind that bonds are different from an insurance. To get bonded, you need to pay a fraction of the bond amount, called the bond premium. Rather than having to get in contact with multiple government entities, we provide you with everything you need to know for all your irrigation contractors license requirements. Some construction activities are governed by other laws and require separate licensing requirements.

Otherwise, you could be facing fines, removal of your project without compensation, or a dangerous situation at your home. Oregon requires a license for anyone performing construction activity for compensation. The license requirements vary between the two main endorsements and the classifications within them. In case you will be hiring employees, you will need worker’s compensation insurance as well. The intense live classroom program is held over 2 full days. Here are the most important steps of the licensing process. If you’re running a contractor business in the state–performing residential restoration, landscape work, or construction flagging–in the coming years you’ll have to adapt to new requirements to stay in compliance with state law. The new requirement means slightly higher startup costs for residential restoration contractors. However, the positive aspect of the new bill is that the landscape contracting field is becoming more stable through the improved regulation. If the contractor is already licensed as a construction contractor, this new licensing requirement is not applicable. Again, you’ll want to stay away from electrical as well because it certainly effects the safety of the occupants or owners. Obviously, the laws leave a lot of room for interpretation, as is the case with most states. It doesn’t matter if you work independently, with an organization or business, or in some other fashion. Do you have a regular 9 to 5 job, but perform “handyman” type activities for pay in your spare time? There are two different classes of independent contractors.

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