General For Small Business Owner And Contractor In Castle Rock Liability Insurance Colorado

Because small incidents are increasingly turning into lawsuits with hefty payouts, more business owners are obtaining general liability insurance policies to minimize the risks of being in business. Because we are independent, licensed insurance agents, we work with only the top rated insurance companies to compare rates and find affordable policy options that provide sufficient coverage if the unexpected should happen. General liability insurance is a smart idea for solo business owners who have exposure to liability risks.

No matter which industry you’re in, if you’re an independent contractor, you may be at risk for liability. You may be considering general liability contractors’ insurance because a client has required it for a job or you need it per your state’s worker laws. General contractors who operate heavy machinery or use dangerous tools may have a higher risk for liability. Other types of contractors can also benefit from having independent contractors’ liability insurance.

If you are ready to select a contractors’ insurance policy that’s fit for your occupation, get in touch with our agents today. There are many different coverage options that you can add to your policy to tailor it for your needs. Colorado general liability insurance will cover you for any accidents that damage a customer’s property, but it will not cover you in the instance of unlawful behavior by either you or your employee that caused the damage. Colorado general liability insurance costs are determined in part by your risk factor. Maintain good records of your safety meetings including a list of attendees and the topics of the meetings. Colorado general liability insurance is required by the state for most business owners. General liability insurance provides protection for slip and fall type of claims at your location and potential liability protection from the products you sell or operations your business has completed. Your roofing insurance policy will cover incidents that occur on your job site or as a direct result of the project. There was a time when homeowners would just hire a roofer who offers the cheapest quote, without bothering to check on licenses or even roofers insurance. Paying for claims shouldn’t be a problem if the roofing company had unlimited resources, but that isn’t usually the case. That is the very reason why roofers must have insurance for roofers. You don’t have to go through the stress of paying claims against your roofing business out of pocket.

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