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Greg was quick to call us back and get us a bid to redo our landscaping. Keep more dirt out of your home or business with a walkway. Our goal is to grow a company that is dedicated to providing its customers quality concrete services at competitive prices.

Concrete finishes are the least expensive of the decorative concrete options. This is a great way to create the look of more expensive materials without losing the natural, authentic look. As our name implies, we place a special focus on baths during our complete renovations, handling tub replacements and shower-to-tub conversions with equal ease. Jim and his crew did a fantastic job on our new construction.

When you want to improve the overall quality of your home or business, you need to call a reliable contractor for your project. New siding and windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency. We pride ourselves on quality, integrity and dependability. Quality is also one of the most important things to consider when choosing a painting company. While the same basic ingredients in chip & seal pavement are used in other types of pavement, it all comes down to the way the asphalt is mixed and then applied.

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For the first no-charge consultation and site visit, we take pictures of the work area involved in the proposed project. Cornerstone knows the value of your investment and how important a major decision such as a renovation can be. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our roofs that we provide an exclusive warranty program. We offer free estimates on all our work, so call us today to get started! With many years in the roofing industry, we have seen just about all there is to see. From tile roofs to asphalt roof shingles, we are the company for you. We take great pride in the quality of our shingle work. Through the years, we have become experts at asphalt paving and related driveway contracting services. Texas winters can be just as harsh as the warmer seasons. The reason why so many residential and commercial owners rely on us for their heating & air conditioning needs is because we only use the highest quality industry standard products by brand name companies that you know and trust. Now that summer has arrived in full, your home’s air conditioning system is likely getting a serious workout, but if it has been a while since you’ve had your system professionally maintained, you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

Modified or torch-applied roofing systems have a similar finished look to standard built-up systems, but are installed using the heat of a blow torch rather than hot asphalt for adhesion. Built-up roofing systems consist of multiple layers of felt installed with moppings of hot asphalt. Commercial property management companies and owners have entrusted their buildings to us for many years. Consumer choice in heating appliances is often determined by fuel availability, local climate conditions and energy costs. Heat pumps operate on the same basic principle as air conditioners, but they include a reversing valve to change the flow of refrigerant when the unit is in the heating mode.

Local utility costs vary and can change substantially over time. We invite you to learn more about the numerous advantages of owning a new, energy efficient furnace or heat pump.

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