G.. And Co. Inc. Of West Georgia

Throughout our extensive career within the diversified and ever-changing construction/maintenance industry, we continue to maintain a competitive edge in providing services and products that utilizing the latest technology. Well if the guy who does bids would have called me back he would have had some great business and return business. Terry came out to do an estimate for our fence.

Fence looks great and the workers were very pleasant and curious! Improving facility management programs and more effectively utilizing existing resources, can cut costs and help you save money. We always believed there was a better way to build a new home. Do you need masonry building supplies like brick, stone, or block for your next project?

Sift through our digital catalog to get inspiration from some of our past projects. Hail can cause roofing shingles to be broken or cracked tabs or cause shingles to be crushed or dented. We maintain commercial and residential properties. Headley leaders support the growth and success of outstanding women in the construction industry. We offer a full range of structural repair services

The mechanical contracting industry is respons ible for installing t he heating and air conditioning, piping and plumbing systems in constructed projects.

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