County New York Contractor License

The regulatory amendments will assist a group of provisional licence holders who could not meet the prior licensing requirements to transition into the full licensing regime. Although not all states require contractors who install, repair or inspect septic systems to be licensed, the state licensing boards for those that do vary in their requirements. In states that require certification for septic contractors, applicants must be at least 18 years old, submit a completed application for certification, complete the required number of classroom training hours and pass a written or oral examination.

Different from a business license, which allows a person to legally operate a business, a professional license or certification proves that a contractor is knowledgeable about the codes and laws regulating his area of specialty. It is very common in the states to require licenses and even specific forms of contracts but not here. That being said you are in a difficult position if you are already not happy with your contractor. The bottom line is you need to have trust in the contractor working in your home and if you don’t you should get out of the agreement.

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