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Here’s the deal: we have connections at some of the best places to work in this town. If you’ve never worked with a recruiter or staffing agency before, let us tell you a little bit about how it works. You will work alongside top experts in the field and help transform health care with the freedom to deliver your best work.

In general, employment laws are in place to protect workers. Among the different types of employees, those who are full-time are usually entitled to the most benefits. Employers often hire part-time workers to help with increased work demands or seasonal industry fluctuations that sometimes occur in certain industries. Temporary employees, often referred to as “temps”, are typically hired to cover for absent employees (such as those who are on maternity or disability leave) and temporary vacancies, or to fill gaps in a company’s workforce.

Temporary employees may work full or part-time, and may work for more than one agency at a time. Finally, in some states, companies that hire temporary employees may be subject to federal discrimination and harassment challenges and other claims. Seasonal jobs can offer out-of-work employees the opportunity to earn income to pay down bills, for example, or earn money for holiday gift giving. An employment agency, such as a temporary staffing agency or a recruitment company, is covered by the laws we enforce if the agency regularly refers employees to employers. An employment agency is prohibited from discriminating against its own employees, as well as in its referral practices.

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If you aren’t sure whether coverage exists, you should contact one of our field offices as soon as possible so we can make that decision. We find long-term employment solutions for job seekers and employers, which allows both the company and candidate to evaluate placement compatibility prior to hire—it’s just that simple. We have two sets of customers and believe both are equally important: our employees and clients. Below is a table explaining the general differences between a hired employee and an independent contractor. How does a two or three letter word change the meaning of a document? However, these policies don’t get to the crux of the co-employment issue, but rather, underserve the companies that need long term contractors. In an effort to avoid the risk of co-employment, some companies limit the length of service of a contract worker to under 1, 500 hours over 52 weeks. Sure, there are other healthcare staffing companies out there. More than 33 years ago, we recognized the need for a staffing firm with an understanding of the unique nuances of the pharmacy industry. Are you ready to make a difference in your life? Now you can take control of your work schedule.

With almost 200 offices nationwide, we’ve been putting people back to work for over 40 years. Working as an arborist is a lot more than just cutting branches and planting trees. There may be times when you need to hire personnel for a temporary period or for a particular short-term project. Atlantas highly qualified part time, long-term staffing solution. The process all starts with our online employment application in which your strengths, skills, and previous work experience are assessed.

A limited duration (fixed-term) contract is one entered into for a temporary period. There are a number of risks for employers associated with making use of temporary employment. On termination of a temporary contract, the employee does not have a right to further employment (either renewal of the contract or permanent employment). Note that the test for the existence of a “reasonable expectation” includes many factors, and the number of times the contract might have been renewed in the past, is only one factor. It is however an objective test – so the courts would look at all the circumstances and not just at any subjective expectation that the employee may claim to have had. The purpose of these additional provisions is to counter practices by employers such as using a fixed term contract when a position is not really temporary; or to “try out” an employee and, if it does not work out, appoint someone else on the same basis upon expiry of the contract. Providing skilled commercial and industrial tradesmen and tradeswomen is what we do.

We understand the importance of having the right skill level for each trade on the finished project, therefore our construction staffing recruiters employ an unsurpassed screening process to ensure the skills and experience of our construction tradesmen and tradeswomen.

As the talent shortage continues to grow in skilled trades, we’ve implemented free skilled trades training to all of our employees! For many companies, non-employees—that is, independent contractors, temporary and contract workers—will play a crucial role in recovery. When properly managed, non-employees give businesses a competitive advantage, allowing the company to quickly respond to changing economic and business conditions in a global marketplace.

As the population of non-employees has steadily grown, so too has the scrutiny placed on their utilization. At the same time, the federal and state governments are making a strong push to capture tax dollars connected to co-employment and independent contractor compliance. Businesses that don’t adhere to compliance regulations could set themselves up for lost revenues at a time when building the bottom line back up is crucial for future success. And yet, business executives are surprisingly unconcerned with the issue. Herein lies some of the risk inherent in utilizing this type of contracted labor. An employment contract form is used when an employer wishes to offer a position to an employee for a specific amount of time. Written employment contracts can be beneficial whether you are a business owner or an employee. Additionally, an employer cannot change an executed contract without the permission of the employee.

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Here’s how this differs from at-will employment. Arbitration clauses are common inclusions in an employment contract. Arbiters are less expensive (generally!) than hiring a lawyer and going to trial. Different forms are needed at stages such as the interview process, hiring process, up to employment termination. During the interview process and hiring process, it is important to avoid asking questions in person or on an application for job openings that may cause a claim of discrimination to arise. Unless you have a contract or union agreement, employment termination is generally covered by the employment policies of the employer and termination may be made without cause or giving a reason, as long as illegal discrimination isn’t involved. Start your career on the right foot and help sustain our country’s natural resources for future generations.

Concordis, a technology-staffing startup, makes a point of telling its workers what it’s pocketing for their services. The tech sector in particular has for decades relied on such outside-hired, frequently temporary help for everything from setting up conference rooms to administrative tasks and front-line software coding. Say a typical technology company needs to hire a software developer to work on a new product but doesn’t want to take on a full-time employee for what could prove to be a temporary effort. The contracting company, in turn, recruits employees and negotiates their wage. Recruiters say that gap — or markup, in industry parlance — can range from 20 percent to more than 100 percent above what the worker makes.

That gap pays the contracting company’s operating costs and taxes, and sometimes employee training. Whether you’re an individual seeking challenging work, or an organization seeking talent, we offer a smarter solution. Are you an employer looking for temporary help in your office, or general labor for an industrial or construction project? Anyone who works for compensation in any construction activity involving improvements to real property needs a license.

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