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Our team has the ability to work on large scale projects like stadiums and hotels. To say we were satisfied would be an understatement. We offer a free estimate on all re-roofing jobs and we now can do a leak-analysis of your roof.

Rooftop snow removal can be a dangerous job, so it is best left to the professionals. Squamish is a diverse district and is known for it’s variety of communities that include ocean-side and mountain top residences. High performance homes moderate the temperature in your home thereby saving you money due to the efficiency of construction and materials. We start off by having all clients fill out a questionnaire and we work together to make sure we are on the right track from the commencement of the project through to the completion of your home’s construction.

Staying within your budget while creating your dream home is important to us and we encourage an open dialogue for everyone involved in this construction process. Are you looking for a quality contractor to renovate your home at a reasonable price? Plus, we’re dedicated to developing expertise in a wide range of roofing technologies. Most importantly, all our roofing services are tailored to suit your needs. Ultimately, we endeavour to combine our extensive roofing expertise with an industry leading devotion to customer satisfaction.

How Houses Are Built In Canada | Wooden Homes | Duration 4 Minutes 15 Seconds

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Once your plumbing and electrical are installed, it’s now time to put up your drywall. We take great pride in our work and absolutely love what we do. We are a professional, general contracting company that always exceeds our clients expectations. Want to get the inside scoop on high-performance home construction? Choosing natural and sustainable building materials for a new home is the way of the future. We can help break this cycle and decrease the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides through the use of organic fertilizers and compost. To find out exactly what your lawn and garden need, we will sample your soil to assess the quality and discover any deficiencies. Organic garden and lawn practices are important on many levels. Their continual use damages the quality of soil and over the years of continued usage the pests develop resistance to these pesticides. Are you looking for great pay, amazing co-workers, employment perks and the ideal work-life balance? More than half of the construction materials that end up in landfills could be reused or recycled.

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