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We know the construction industry and its unique set of challenges and risks. Jason’s business litigation practice involves representing individuals and businesses in a wide range of disputes before state and federal trial and appeals courts, administrative tribunals, arbitrators, and in mediation. The types of insurance required to do business with governments varies depending on the jurisdiction and the type of service provided.

In addition to the contract document itself, there will normally be a set of construction drawings and technical specifications that describe the work to be done and the materials to be used. Teamwork and trust are more important than a piece of paper. In any construction contract, the cost of the project consists of the costs for labor and materials and the builder’s profit and overhead. Most builders will estimate profit and overhead to total about 12-16 percent of the project cost.

Sometime, savings are shared between the owner and the contractor as an incentive to keep costs down. In addition to state government requirements, there are additional references to providers of examinations, educational program approval, and professional organizations. We serve the business/employer market, with clients ranging from insurance companies and banks to small businesses. We work with our clients to implement procedures, policies and agreements that limit workplace liability. Ron’s practice is focused on all aspects of the construction industry.

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Our litigation practice draws on the firm’s breadth and depth of practice areas as we represent our clients through all phases of the litigation process, including appellate advocacy. We specialize in small business and home business sucess; as well as lead safety and other healthy homes projects. Through our partners, we can help you get lead inspections and risk assessments, remedation, clearances and lade safe certificates. Rate work can be simple calculations to determine the approximate impact of budget adjustments and/or capital projects. Underwood has completed dozens of rate studies for both water and wastewater systems. We also measure success by giving back to the communities we live and work in. Our construction management project teams are proud recipients of numerous prestigious industry awards from local construction professional organizations. Snow and ice management professionals are invited to see exhibits and demonstrations and hear from expert speakers on how to maintain safe parking lots, roads and walkways while reducing their use of salt. Road salt is corrosive, expensive and harmful to drinking water supplies, lakes, rivers and streams. Setting up your workstation to fit your physical stature and your work can make your job easier and reduce stress on your body. Our team stands ready to offer advice and recommendations to help members resolve their issues or to provide guidance as necessary.

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