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To be competitive in today’s marketplace, contractors, architects and industrial users need a distributor they can rely on to respond quickly to their needs. Proper gas piping is essential for each appliance to function correctly and most efficiently. Size reductions or fitting restrictions can create a lack of gas volume or unacceptable gas pressure drops.

Flexible connectors are typically smaller than the connection itself. Always use full-port valves to prevent reduced volume or pressure. A regulator cannot always respond when it is mounted too close to the heater. The fist and second stage regulators can “fight” each other if they are located too close to each other.

Lock-up style regulators may require a pressure relief reset to operate properly. Ball-check vent limiters must be installed with the regulator in the horizontal position and the ball-check vent limiter in the upright position. Tankless retrofits almost always require a gas pipe size up- grade. From boom trucks to mobile technology, our fleet helps you get more done. Our proprietary packing can save you up to 35% in labor time with safer, more efficient packaging.

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Promote safety on the job with our field service fleet, including carts, racks and containers. We offer a suite of customizable reporting services to help drive your profitability. Kelly’s offers bid and quotation services, as well as procurement project management, to serve the commercial and industrial markets. Whether large or small, we have the supplies that you need to complete your commercial and residential projects. Bert began his career in the building industry as a teenager. Dominion has been supplying steel pipe since the origin of our company. We specialize in buying and selling new, overstock and surplus pipe. Okay this is in reference to their customer support. Great prices, convenient hours, and extremely helpful staff. Increase productivity while taking advantage of cost savings with agricultural wire fencing. For fabrication and construction projects, we offer a wide variety of steel products.

Our skilled team is capable of specialty wire meshes and fabrication. Standard residential fencing, specialized pens and fencing for agriculture – we’ve got it! Let us be your source for wire, mesh, rebar and all types of steel products. Our customers have access to over 175 distributors with 2, 900 stocking locations coast-to-coast. We are now hiring for a position in our showroom.

No matter what the temperature is like outside, your home or business should always be comfortable on the inside.

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