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We work with you to identify, measure, manage, reduce and eliminate risks to your business. Regardless of size, we believe every client should be treated with the respect and provided with the service they deserve. Upon completion of our full market review we will present the options to you so you can make an informed decision.

No numbered options, pre-recorded messages, repeating conversations or scripted questions. Challenge us to beat your renewal premium and work closely with one of our experienced, knowledgeable and qualified team members. In many cases, the contractor is responsible for work and materials until the job is completed and approved by the customer, client or property owner. Whether your work involves building and construction, plumbing and electrical fitting or even demolition, taking on time-limited projects in different locales will often require a certain level of insurance to be in place.

It’s important to insure yourself and your work for every eventuality. There are several key areas of insurance cover for contractors to consider before undertaking any work. Employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ at least one person as part of your business. If – for any reason – you need to down tools and halt work for a period of time, it can leave you with a hole in your finances and even set back your timescale, potentially affecting other projects you have coming up. Public liability insurance isn’t compulsory but if your business is likely to come into contact with members of the public and there is a chance that they might make a claim for any injuries or damage to their property that’s caused by your company, then you may want to consider taking out public liability insurance.

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The above table only contains the most recent version for each document. For many types of business a commercial combined policy may provide a good all round insurance solution. Our commercial combined policies contain all of the standard insurances. The limits for some of the included insurances can be varied according to the size and needs of the business being insured. You can ask for your complaint to be reviewed at a senior management level and an independent member of staff will review the complaint fully and provide a response within two weeks. Our aim is to resolve your concern straight away and in most cases, complaints are dealt with within two weeks. If we can’t reach agreement with you we will send you a ‘final response’ letter. The traders combined policy is suited to a wide range of businesses and organisations from manufacturers to wholesalers, warehousing and leisure. Having worked with many contractors and sub-contractors, we have a solid understanding of the construction industry. Typical covers under a contractors combined policy include employers’ liability, public liability and contractors all risks and material damage for each site worked on including theft. The liability combined policy provides cover for general liability and contractor’s liability.

It’s important that you have the right insurance to help protect you and your livelihood from expensive claims made by a third party. Provides protection for bodily injury and property damage that occurs away from your premises that are caused by your products or your work. We take pride in our comprehensive and integrated approach to analyzing and managing risk. Obtaining a quotation for your business is easy, especially with our call back facility and we will make contact at a time to suit you. You can get public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance, along with optional covers such as tools and contract works, in one competitively priced policy just by using our quick and simple form.

Public liability insurance – important for all building trades, it will cover the cost of a claim if a member of the public is injured or killed, or if their property is damaged because of your business. Employers’ liability insurance – if you have employees or hire contractors, casual workers or temporary staff, you are required by law to take out employers’ liability cover. This page is for companies who require a bespoke policy tailoring the policy to their needs rather than the other way around. We know our business, how to protect companies demands and needs and you know your business, however you may need guidance with your insurance. If you prefer, telephone the office and you can speak to an advisor without going through a switchboard. Individual trade insurance policies are based on the specific risk factors associated with each business. Generally speaking, anyone who undertakes a contract to provide materials or perform labour to a third-party can benefit from dedicated trade insurance.

Contractors combined insurance provides all of the standard insurance protections required by tradespeople under a single umbrella policy.

Working with some of the biggest contractors insurance companies in the insurance industry, we have access to a wide range of policies and can offer quick quotations and instant cover and the best possible prices. We understand that each contractor is different, facing unique risks, and that you need to ensure you are fully protected, whatever the nature of the project. Different types of contractors have different exposures depending on whether insurance cover is needed for work at height or underground, whether heat or explosives are used on site, the amount of work which is sub-contracted and what sort of controls are in place for the sub-contractors.

Insurance, like construction and development, needs experience and expertise to make sure your project has the right insurance policies. Having adequate insurance to cover for any unforeseen circumstances such as equipment & machinery failure, as well as mistakes or negligence, is vital for any contractor in the building and construction industry. Our commercial risks team are not only here to help you make sure that you are meeting the sector requirements by having protection in place, but that this protection is going to be effective if you need to make a claim should the property you’re working on be damaged, an employee or member of the public is injured, or tools are stolen.

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