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This liability insurance will protect you from most claims that would arise during day-to-day activities. Contractors are responsible for providing this coverage for employees, but may also have the exposure because of subcontractors who have not provided workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. Utah small business owners, whether they have one or a slew of vehicles, needs to be protected by commercial auto insurance.

A small business is defined as any company with fewer than 500 employees. Utah commercial liability insurance premiums are based on a number of factors including the types of service or products you provide, the number of people you employ, how long you’ve been in business, and your claims history. Even with careful planning and the best precautions, accidents and injuries can still happen on the job. This is a useful type of insurance for construction, architecture, and engineering professionals to have due to the various injuries that can occur to others on job sites.

Since bodily injuries are common while exercising, personal trainers, yoga studio owners, and other fitness professionals should also have a general liability insurance policy in place to protect themselves. Looking for roofing contractor insurance this summer? This type of insurance combines general liability insurance and business property insurance for your business. In today’s litigious society, even small mistakes can result in large lawsuits. Your success happens at your store, office, factory and/or other locations.

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The loss of any property you own or create for sale affects your bottom line. Many factors influence the cost of insuring your business including the type of work you accept, specific contractual requirements and if you have employees. Cost is always a consideration, especially if you’re just starting out or on a tight budget. Utah general liability insurance represents a necessary business essential for business owners. Utah is an area of the country where economy is growing rapidly and many different types of work are thriving. Utah general liability insurance is different from other types of coverage in that it does not protect your tangible business assets. Many different types of policies exist for business or restaurant owners. Utah has laws and regulations that are very welcoming to many business owners. Utah general liability insurance is very affordable in that there are many companies that offer it. An important consideration with claims made policies is tail coverage. An occurrence policy is the more common from of coverage and a better choice for most business owners.

Claims made insurance coverage is more similar to early insurance programs when groups of businesses would form private insurance pools as a means to cover potential losses. It is much easier for an insurance company to price insurance premium and measure profitability with claims made insurance forms because there is a clear start and stop date to coverage. Claims made policies are more complex than occurrence policies. Retroactive date is typically the beginning date of the first annual claims made policy. Let our highly trained experts help your business understand the options for business liability insurance.

There has been a range of judicial opinions around the country as to whether coverage can be barred based on whether an insured actually expected a loss, or merely should have. Like most businesses there are generalists and specialists. Some states tend to lean heavily in a plaintiff’s favor, and require businesses to carry higher-limits on certain aspects of their risk. Let us take a look at your policy and help you understand if your policy limits make sense for your risk exposure. We were happy to find business insurance at such low prices. Get protection for buildings that are under construction or renovation. With all the work you do at customer homes, this insurance offers you vital coverage for property damage, injury, and other lawsuits.

It seems that where you live has a big impact on rates.

Many insurance companies also offer the option to insure your vehicle on the same plan. If you’re driving a van or have a lot of tools in your vehicle (who doesn’t), you may also consider adding coverage to cover tool theft. Unless you are a licensed contractor, insurance usually isn’t required to provide handyman services.

Not many companies our size can offer such big protection. It is not the role of the export list to include every possible surplus lines exposure. Do you need quotes from contractors in your area? Our success has been built on our reputation as the market’s true solution for specialty risks. While the residential painting contractor most likely has a commercial automobile insurance policy, it doesn’t cover the materials inside the vehicle that may be damaged or stolen during an accident. If you own a residential painting contractor’s business, you should protect your financial assets from possible employment practice lawsuits and litigations. Being a residential painting contractor offers its benefits and can be a rewarding job, but it can also be a burden if you are in the middle of a liability lawsuit. Applications need to be submitted a minimum of ten (10) business days prior to when you plan to start work.

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