Contractor Licensing Board Las Vegas

Contractor licenses are necessary to confirm that those individuals applying for them are qualified in their industry of choice. If you were burglarized and need help securing your property after a break-in, call us. As mentioned above, the type of job impacts the rate.

Handymen perform numerous small and large jobs around the homes of their clients. When you buy a new refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes dryer or water heater, you can hire a handyman to install it for you. You can also hire handymen to fix broken appliances. If you want to give your home some curb appeal, a deck or patio not only increases the home’s aesthetic appeal, but also provides homeowners and their guests with a place to relax by themselves or with company.

Homeowners who want to add decks and patios to their homes should check their local ordinances. When the interior or exterior of a home needs a fresh coat of paint, handymen can often complete the job quickly and inexpensively. State law allows the board to request at any time a statement of financial responsibility from a contractor, which must establish that the contractor is financially stable and has enough assets to cover its obligations. Plise used short-term loans from several banks to purchase the individual parcels.

What Is The Crime Of Contracting Without A License In Nevada? | Duration 1 Minutes 17 Seconds

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