Contractor’s Liability Insurance What Does It Cover

Below, you will learn more about the protection provided by a contractors insurance policy. You just never know when someone is going to be injured on the job site. Slips and falls are indeed covered by commercial general liability insurance.

Some companies, such as tile and terrazzo contractors, may sell a product to the customer. Most people are only concerned about their health. Truly, contractors liability insurance protects the contractor from a wealth of problems. Most ophthalmic practices recognize that employees are their most valuable assets in running an efficient business.

You can try to do everything right and still find your business subject to claims of wrongful employment practices. Publicly-traded insurance companies exist to make profits for shareholders while physician-owned carriers often return profits to their policyholders. Each state sets a minimum amount of liability insurance you need on your car. If you purchase a higher limit on your liability insurance for the additional protection, you will pay a higher premium. General liability insurance was created to cover the cost of third-party lawsuits related to property damage or injury.

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If a project involving pipe installation or repair resulted in water damage in the building, the owner might attempt to sue the contractor. Even though you run a safe jobsite, sometimes accidents happen. If a contractor took an ad out and mentioned how bad a competitor’s work was compared to their own, it could set a complaint in motion. That being said, if you’re buying insurance and your agent tells you something different from what you’re reading here, trust your agent! If you’re unsure if someone will be covered under your policy, talk to your insurance agent. It doesn’t matter what work your business does — certain exclusions are common across most insurance policies. What are some of the things that general liability insurance won’t cover? If your business takes on a contract, and the contract requires you to pay for some sort of liability or says that the other person won’t be liable, your liability insurance won’t cover any damages. Here are some general liability insurance coverage rules of thumb. Business is inherently risky, but business liability coverage safeguards against many known and unknown risks. First and foremost, you should learn a little more about professional liability insurance.

If your mistake hurts the client in some way, there is a good chance that they’re going to retaliate against you. More details about what is actually covered will be explored in greater depth below. After all, you shouldn’t have to give up without a fight. Despite having the best representation, there is still a chance that the court is going to rule against you. Pretty much everything has been done at least once.

Regardless of the type of accident, a third-party could end up taking you to court for injury or damages. If someone claims that you are responsible for damage to their property, you could be facing a lawsuit. Contractor general liability insurance can help protect your business against claims related to products that you’ve installed or work that you have completed. If someone who works for your contractor business says or writes something negative about a competitor or client, you could be in hot water. Regardless of the reason, lawsuits that are brought against your contractor business can have a lasting effect on your finances. General liability covers a lot of common issues that you might run into, particularly if you work on client properties or interact with customers on a day-to-day basis. That’s where general liability insurance steps in.

You run a successful cleaning empire, so you have a whole team of employees who go out to clean homes.

Without insurance, you’d be 100% responsible for that bill – and even if you refused to pay it, your client could take you to court. A client refused to pay you for your services – and you’re steaming mad about it. This is when your general liability insurance may cover your legal costs and resulting payouts (up to your policy limit, of course).

Whether you’re shopping for a brand-new policy or comparing policy prices, we can help you find affordable protection that’s personalized to your needs.

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