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This is a brief explanation of liability insurance pertaining to contractors. Each small contractor’s liability policy will vary. We live in a litigious society that is becoming increasingly so.

Your contractor’s liability policy doesn’t only pay for settlements and judgments. Another reason this type of insurance coverage is necessary for contractors is the fact that for many people and businesses it’s one of the requirements they have of all contractors. General liability insurance is a form of insurance that protects companies from lawsuits resulting from a third party. By obtaining general liability insurance, you can safeguard your company’s finances by helping prevent lawsuits from ringing it dry.

If you have a personal umbrella liability policy, there’s generally an exclusion for business-related liability. For business owners, adding another insurance plan to your monthly overhead might be pushed down to the bottom of your to do list. Due to the nature of contracting work, it is especially important to explore your general liability insurance options. We answer to our clients, not the insurance companies. Because we’re independent, our priority is you – not the insurance company.

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We believe our clients’ financial security and quality of life deserve the utmost dedication, expert advice and personal attention from a trusted partner. Bodily injury liability covers your legal liability for a covered accident that involves injury to another person, up to the limit of liability you select. When involved in an auto accident, you and your family may be financially responsible for any damage caused by your vehicle to someone else’s property. Property damage coverage protects you if your car damages someone else’s property, such as another car, a fence or building front. What happens when the driver who hit you doesn’t have enough liability coverage? Accidents do happen and without the proper type of coverage, you are going to be paying for these accidents on your own. Remodeling contractor general liability insurance provides bodily injury coverage in case a person gets hurt. Remodeling contractor liability insurance protects your company in the event that property gets damaged as well. Remodeling contractor general liability insurance provides protection from risks associated with work that you’ve completed in the past, and products you may have previously sold. When your company rents structures and property for the purpose of conducting business, the owner of that property may require proof of insurance. Remodeling contractor insurance places limits on the amount of benefits it will pay.

When your subcontractor general liability policy is exhausted, you may be left paying the balance of any bills. The industry and its members will benefit from investing in education and risk management. Another important coverage is workers compensation insurance. Another important coverage is the business automobile insurance policy. An exposure that is somewhat unique to artisans is materials left on the job.

We have had insurance with this company for years and have never had a problem. You should review your policy carefully to understand your specific coverage. Say your association hires a landscaping firm to do some work on the community’s grounds. That’s why it’s important that condos and co-ops protect themselves by making sure that the contractors they hire are carrying the proper insurance. But by having their contractors insured, the association’s part in this incident would be covered by that insurance agreement. When it’s time to hire a contractor, a lot more is required than just picking up a phone and hiring someone. Once a contractor is selected, it is usually the role of the property manager to make sure that the contractor is carrying all the proper insurance necessary to do the job—but it is still the association who can expect to be held responsible if something goes wrong.

As a business owner or small contractor, you require a form of general liability protection, to shield you from such unexpected situations.

Contractors who hold this type of insurance policy have a better chance at winning jobs over those who do not. There are a few main types of contractor’s insurance including primary general liability, owners interest and lead umbrella liability. Contractors insurance is great to have in place when an accident occurs on the job site or for protection from professional risk exposure.

Contractors should make sure any subcontractor who works for them has their own insurance. You’ve worked hard for the things you have in your life, and insurance is there to help protect those things. Builder’s risk insurance is a form of specialized coverage, which means that only certain types of construction and renovation projects are covered. Everyone who buys or sells anything knows this question well. We are not looking to simply find you a policy. While builder’s risk insurance is not usually required by law, there are many clients that will not allow you to start a project without it.

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