Is it essential for contractors to become licensed first?

When you think of contractor, you may picture construction sites; however, the word has other meanings as well. A general contractor is the lead contractor on a construction project, responsible for scheduling subcontractors, and ensuring they comply with all relevant laws and building codes. It essential for those interested in becoming general contractors to become licensed first.

Statutes specifying the requirements for obtaining a license to be a general contractor are in place to protect consumers from the hazards of hiring unlicensed contractors. A criminal background check is also a standard requirement, as is not having an outstanding grievance related to a contract. While the requirements for obtaining a license vary by state, so too do the penalties for contracting without a license. You need to be logged in to start a new thread.

For those companies that decide to expand via new construction, the experience can be an unsettling one, full of uncertainties. A full assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of new construction should be undertaken before any decision is made to build new. Certainly, there are risks associated with construction. Some sources of potential building contractors include professional association databases, referrals from architects or fellow small business owners, and a competitive bidding process. One way in which small business owners can learn the answers to some of these questions is by requiring bidding contractors to submit a surety bond, which is basically a three-party contract between the contractor, the project owner, and the underwriting surety company.

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After the bidding process is completed and the building contract awarded, the successful contractor should be asked to provide a performance bond. You can find a job title and job description in a number of ways. Quite a few of the words are so commonly used in pop culture, it seems surprising they haven’t been added to the dictionary yet. Many of the new words aren’t new at all but are old words which have been adjusted to keep up with their new usage. While it may seem that 640 additions are a lot, those who decide what words make the final cut have a tough task in front of them. This isn’t the first time new words garnered a buzzy reaction. The latest additions include mostly new words, or phrases, but also some old words with new meanings or applications. The dictionary has added a slew of new buzzy internet-age words. Every sport has its own lingo, but rodeo has a language all its own. A horse or bull that goes out there and bucks like he’s just begging to be spurred. A costumed—and often alcohol-induced—side competition at some rodeos.

A legal category of worker that is distinct and different from an employee.

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