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We like to feel we are a local company with national reach. Stats back the idea of contracting and self employment. It is as simple as that: you get the right service for you and your business.

With our help, small business owners can take time away from their daily book keeping tasks and focus on other business related needs such as business development. We have highlighted below some of the obligations of a director and some key differences between sole traders. We as experts are aware of all these facts and our services serve all needs of small companies. Whether your new to contracting or an experienced freelance contractor, your time is valuable and taxes can be very confusing and time-consuming.

We provide our services in different languages. One of the bitter truth about these penalties is that they are even made for back dates. Preparing tax returns for a business is a complex task that needs to deal with a wide range of factors. We’ll give you one point of contact and be there to answer questions in a flash!. This model means that you’re not personally liable if your company goes bankrupt.

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This model essentially treats you as the business, meaning that there is no separation between you and your business. This model essentially makes you an “employee” of the umbrella company. We’re experts in our field and so can provide you with all the guidance you need to ensure that you use the right service for you. The best part of our services is our approachability. Our expert team of smart and friendly people, love helping small businesses, contractors and property landlords. We can form your company fast and correctly from scratch for you. Large and small businesses engage contractors to undertake projects or specialist tasks, often when they don’t have access to the necessary skills and experiences inhouse, or can not afford to free up resource for the project duration. A specialist contractor will almost certainly earn more than as an employee. This creates a flexible workforce for the business and the specialist contractor enjoys interesting projects, flexibility and an absence of internal office politics. Tax is often complicated and everyone situation is different. We’ll take time to understand your specific requirements, then we’ll look at ways to structure your affairs in the most tax efficient manner.

If you’re a contractor, we’d love to hear from you. In many lines of work companies provide a laptop to their employees where inherently there will be some personal use. We can advise on pertinent issues and business structure. Running a limited company allows you to pay most of your income in dividends. However, you still need to record these on your tax return.

We offer useful guidance on the responsibilities of limited company directors. Our wealth division will help you manage your retirement savings and other assets or investments you may have. We are a friendly, professional firm and are here to help you and your business. We provide a comprehensive range of services and proactively tailor these to the needs of each client. Our focus is to provide services to clients which reflect the name of our business- we aim to be ‘true’ to our clients in the sense that we provide open, honest and reliable advice, and ‘dynamic’ by being responsive, innovative and providing efficient service with a rapid turnaround time. For a fixed monthly fee, starting at just £79 per month, you can benefit from our expertise. Whether you are a contractor, freelancer or a small business, our team of experts can provide the resources and solutions you need.

Joined just a few months ago but everything has been pretty smooth so far.

Great service with simple tools that do the job nicely. Our all inclusive packages are a good guide for the majority of small businesses. No hassle at all, we will take care of everything.

We are open to any suggestion or just to have chat. Bookkeeping is a chore to most contractors and yet still a necessity. An experienced bookkeeper will compile a profit and loss report to see where the company is doing well and where improvements can be made. Completing tax returns has become an ever more complex task for contractors. A long and often loathed task for self-employed contractors. This is tax law legislation that affects contractors who don’t fall into the category of self-employed and can result in contractors owing more tax. Nobody wants to discuss their personal and business tax affairs with a large faceless organisation. It’s doubtful that you’ll be completing your bookkeeping whilst on the train or grabbing a coffee in the local coffee shop, you’ll probably end up doing it at home where you can spread your receipts out, so it doesn’t really matter if it’s on or offline.

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Over the last 20 years’ we have helped over 20, 000 contractors with their payroll. Contractors seem to be in demand, with companies automating processes and looking to cut costs, a job for life is a thing of the past. Great people who know their subject matter inside out.

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