Construction Training Institute

We aim to provide a curriculum that is comprehensive and informative so that all of our students come out of our program with the knowledge, tools, and experience equipped to get any number of construction jobs. Are you’re looking for a construction job but don’t have all of the training and knowledge you need? With today’s construction training, we are in a classroom learning environment using power points presentations and videos typically lead by a instructor.

Your technical training classes have been great to send my techs to. Our training programs include both classroom, online and home study programs. The lack of a skilled workforce in construction has continued to be problematic as the industry struggles to find enough qualified workers to staff the growing demand for construction projects. Many construction firms do not take the time or expend the resources to train their employees properly.

Training programs are beneficial to both the individual as well as the employer. Although continuous training is beneficial, all employees are not going to be struggling with the same skills. People want to work for a company that will invest in them and help them to develop as a skilled and knowledgeable employee. Construction companies that invest in their employees through training programs are more likely to have lower turnover rates, and higher productivity from their workers. All construction workers should have access to proper, high-quality workplace safety training and education.

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Our training staff is composed of highly-skilled educators who are experts in their fields. We can no longer sit idly by and observe damage being done to our rivers, streams and lakes and nonchalantly turn the other cheek. Our staff has over 100 combined years of experience and is composed of former stormwater regulators and consultants.

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