Construction Supervisor Exam Prep Courses License In Massachusetts

This is the fastest and most comprehensive way to prepare for your contractor licensing exams. Home improvement contractor’s licenses permit you to work on owner-occupied buildings of between one and four units in size. Getting your home improvement contractor’s license is simple.

There are two types of construction supervisor licenses: restricted and unrestricted. The first step in acquiring your construction supervisor’s license is to apply to take the state-administered exam. Ten days after you submit your application, you can call the testing service to find out the date of your exam. To take a test for any construction supervisor’s builders license, you must have three years of current experience in the field of the license you want to get.

After you give your application packet to the board, they will schedule an exam date and notify you by mail. We offer both the 15-hour and 6-hour continuing education courses. For contractors to work on existing residential structures that are one (1) to four (4) – unit, owner-occupied buildings will require a license. We have trained construction workers, equipment operators, and truck drivers for over twenty years. Employer documentation of 4, 000 or more apprentice or trainee experience in refrigeration.

Basic Rules For Home Improvement Contractors Contract Content & Payment Terms | Duration 2 Minutes 13 Seconds

Many equipment operators learn this trade on the job. For every question there are several multiple-choice options, one of which is correct. At the same time that you are practicing the practice exams for the state test, you are also learning the data and facts about your trade so that you have a complete understanding of it. At the end of the test you will be shown your score as a percentage as well as a list of all the questions you missed so that you can restudy that area and correct your mistakes. Massachusetts does not have a general contractors license like many other states do.

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