Construction Corruption: It Will Take More Than One Dramatic Bust To Clean Journal

But the real message of the indictments is that even after decades of intensive investigation by law enforcement, organized crime remains a powerful force within the city’s construction industry and in related businesses—like trucking—that are particularly susceptible to mob corruption. Control of hiring also gives mob-connected union bosses access to pension and health benefits funds, which they regularly fleece. The data is a little better at the individual level, with 86 percent of contractors saying they are optimistic about their company’s outlook, a five percent drop from a year ago.

Despite growing demand, fewer young people are getting into construction and finding and retaining quality employees remains the number one concern for the businesses surveyed. But while labor shortages are not a new worry for the industry, material costs are increasingly becoming a concern, according to the report. Increased costs combined with the fact that being short-staffed means jobs can take longer has resulted in only 69 percent of contractors saying they have been right on target with their actual job costs. The wet-process sprayed mortar is a potential solution to minimize the traditional application negative points.

Field experiments, conducted in 29 air-conditioned offices, used survey questionnaires and physical measurements to investigate workers’ subjective thermal responses and comfort perception. This cases arises out of a project owner’s request for further itemization of amounts claimed in a construction manager’s mechanic’s lien. We believe that in a time of unparalleled human consumption the combined industries we cover are leading the way in finding solutions to some of the major challenges we face today. We understand that the industries we represent are comprised first and foremost of hardworking people.

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