Construction Contractor Division of Corporations Business and Professional Licensing License Renewal Form

Applications for licensing and license renewals cannot be completed online at this time. You may renew your license in an inactive status. You must renew/revive your license within (1) one year of the expiration date or you will be required to make application and test before receiving a new license.

You will be required to supply the 24 hours of continuing education. Below is a sample of the renewal form which is mailed to you by the state about 45 days prior to your hoisting license expiration date. The continuing education course(s) may be completed at any time, however, you may not submit to the state until they have sent you a renewal form. Once you have received this form, you may upload it to our site if you have selected to have your renewal submitted through us.

Wallet size renewal license cards will be mailed within 30 days of receipt of renewal. This form is not for change of address or matters pertaining to the renewal of your registration.

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