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Laminates are made up of several layers of material fused together under high pressure. Laminate flooring is perfect for anyone wanting a durable floor for a fraction of the price and installation time of a hardwood floor, but with the attractiveness of real hardwood. Decide carefully between laminate vs other hardwood flooring options.

To that end, our contact list of fully licensed, insured, and experienced contractors will be more than happy to partner with you to help realize the hardwood flooring goals you have set for your living or commercial space. And remember, we carry laminate flooring from various manufactures in hundreds of stain colours. Made from several layers of synthetic materials bonded together. You can be excused for having trouble deciding between vinyl flooring and laminate flooring.

Not long ago, it was quite easy to distinguish vinyl from laminate flooring. Both vinyl and laminates are still less expensive floors than natural hardwood, or ceramic or porcelain tile, but the appearance is considerably less “cheap” than it was a few years ago. With the rise of other wood-look flooring options, like vinyl and ceramic tile, some people are starting to question whether laminate flooring will stay current and trendy. In fact, real estate experts are calling laminate flooring one of the top options for increasing home value, preceded by solid hardwood, stone and tile. In the 80s, when laminate first gained popularity, it looked and sounded cheap and unrealistic.

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The way you lay a flooring pattern can really spice up whether it is trendy or not. Trust in knowing that the team at our reputable flooring company has the expertise and credentials to deliver optimal results. Consider repair when replacing the entirety of your floors isn’t an option. Although you do not need many tools when installing a floating laminate floor, having access to a table saw for rip cutting some of the floor boards may be necessary. If you will be installing your new flooring in a bathroom or a basement, make sure that you choose one that is approved by the manufacturer for these types of wet areas. If you have selected to install laminate floors in your residence, you already understand it is an attractive, low-maintenance choice to wood. Generally, all laminate is regarded as durable than carpeting, and lots of them transcend the durability of hardwood flooring too. Whilst laminate provides amazing durability, so it is necessary to stay in your mind it is often incredibly slick. You’ve got a massive variety to select from, and laminate flooring is rather easy to install. Because hardwood floors could be cleaned they’re more biodegradable compared to several other sorts of flooring, especially carpet. Your floor is merely one of many initial items that everyone else will notice regarding your house or workplace.

Empire’s choice of flooring would be the most top within the country. Call our office to schedule a complimentary appointment. With so many choices among flooring options, we didn’t know which one to choose for our kid’s room. When we bought our house last year, it was not completely ready yet. More and more people are choosing laminate flooring, either tile or wood laminate.

Carpet can be great to install in a new sunroom if you want to create an extra cozy, sunny nook in your home. In the end, your choice for sunroom flooring is up to you, and you can choose just about anything you want. They typically undergo a manufacturing process where wooden blocks are compressed to form distinct panels. In most other floor installations, the bigger the square footage, the larger the cost. Also, the additional time that this takes can increase labor and installation costs. Another factor affecting the cost to install laminate flooring is the type of panels that are used. Laminate panels come infused with various textures and finishes that can give the floors an authentic hardwood appearance.

In addition, the costs incurred for purchasing the laminate panels, you should also keep in mind labor and installation for each square foot.

We are the team of that’s passionate contractors has the experience to make your living space simply fabulous. There’s nothing inviting about a dim and damp basement. Enjoy the look of real wood or tile without paying the price.

Not necessarily because the amount of formaldehyde in the laminate flooring, if present, can vary due to how the flooring is made. If you or family members are experiencing symptoms that you believe may be related to laminate flooring or other products in your home you should consult a physician and your state or local health department for assistance. If you wish to have a sample of your floor tested, you can contact a laboratory that has experience in this type of testing. No other floor provides the visual charm and warm, lasting ambience of hardwood. Laminate floors are made by sandwiching the image of real wood or stone between a fiberboard core underneath and a durable clear wear layer on top. The thickness of the core is typically measured in millimeters (mm) though you may see it in fractions of an inch too. Most if not all laminate floor companies have a product line that incorporates embossing that mimics the real three dimensional textures of either the wood or stone they’re imitating. A good place to start is our idea center or gallery of rooms.

Installing laminate flooring in your home won’t be a hassle if you have the right laminate floor cutter with you. Since laminate is a human-made material, most other blades simply won’t do – you won’t be able to cut through the laminate with them without damaging or breaking them. Besides laminate floor cutters, there are also other tools you can use for laminate cutting. First and foremost, power saws can be very expensive. The crucial part in leading the project to the finishing point successfully is deciding which laminate floor cutting tool to use. Materials almost always classified as flooring include carpet, laminate, tile and vinyl. The floor under the flooring is called the subfloor, which provides the support for the flooring.

The choice of material for floor covering is affected by factors such as cost, endurance, noise insulation, comfort and cleaning effort.

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Carpets come in a variety of materials including wool, nylon, olefin and polyester. There are different types of carpet like twists, which is commonly referred to as a berber. Padding can be placed underneath the carpet to add comfort and provide some noise insulation. Many different species of wood are fabricated into wood flooring in two primary forms: plank and parquet.

Engineered hardwood has a thin solid wood layer on top with a composite core. Cork flooring is a flooring material manufactured from the by-product of the cork oak tree. You can install a floating laminate floor in just about any room, with a few exceptions. If you’re installing laminate over existing flooring in your kitchen, measure to make sure appliances will fit into their original positions after the new flooring is installed. One of the benefits of laminate flooring is that it can easily mimic a variety of materials: wood, stone and even tile. Modern laminate floors are also easy to install, unlike older versions that required glue. This medium-colored floor complements the light furniture and looks convincing as a wood substitute. What’s more, these countertops often look just like the real deal.

To clean stains on a laminate countertop, use a mild detergent with water and a nylon brush and clean in a circular motion. For homeowners looking for a fresh, stylish look on a budget, it doesn’t get much better than laminate flooring. There are several situations regarding a specific project or choices that homeowners can make about their laminate flooring that can increase or decrease the ultimate price of their project. Doing some of the prep work yourself, such as removing old flooring materials and laying new subfloor, can also dramatically reduce the final costs of any laminate floor installation project. We’re a quality-focused, customer-oriented company and always aim to provide the best products and services to our clients.

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Flooring projects can be an expensive, because everything from material choice to the labor has a relatively high price. We have an excellent in-house installation team that has considerable amount of experience in this field.

Many clients fear that our installation charges will be higher than those of independent contractors. Completed the removal of carpet and installation of hardwood floors in two rooms in one day, with only some minor touch-up needed. Workers were polite and careful of walls and furniture, they didn’t waste time and it was obvious they knew what they were doing. Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of laminate flooring is the price. Laminate floors do not do well when they are exposed to moisture, precisely why they are rarely used in bathrooms, laundry rooms and certain areas of the kitchen. Another issue with laminate flooring is peaking, or when two planks get pushed together creating raised joints. Repairs are a given with any flooring option, but laminate flooring severely limits your options. Solid hardwood floors are made from one, solid piece of natural wood. There are some property owners who want the real thing. Since solids are made from one wood slab, they are very easy to sand and refinish.

While solids are more durable and easier to repair, they are more susceptible to dents and dings. Since the planks are made from 100% wood, solid hardwood is more expensive than the other two options. Laminate is a replication of hardwood flooring that is used for areas that need extra protection from high foot traffic. Laminate is known for its easy upkeep and ability to mimic hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring is a great substitute for hardwood floors because it is much cheaper. You’ll love the laminate flooring because it just looks similar to the wood, tile or stone flooring but its far more affordable than those hefty price flooring options. Laminate floors look like wood, feel comfortable underfoot and work within many homeowners’ budgets. Laminate flooring features a compressed fiberboard core, with a photographic image of wood grain adhered to the top, and then sealed with a protective coating. Laminate flooring can be made to match any wood shade in nature. You can often detect the difference when you try to bend them. Laminate floors make a good choice if you like the look of wood, but want a floor that resists scratches, dents and scuffs. Nowadays, most household products expected to last for years come with some kind of rating.

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