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A quantity surveyor is a construction professional who controls the costs on a construction project, using a variety of professional skills acquired through training and practice. Quantity surveyors can be involved with a project from the day the idea of a project is developed to the final walk through once the project is complete. Once a project is underway, a quantity surveyor monitors costs, keeping the project on track, and helps keep the project organized financially. Quantity surveyors can also be involved after a project is complete, with issues like repairs and renovations.

We only hire talented and experienced quantity surveyor consultants who are fully-qualified in their field. The job requires a combination of technical, financial and legal knowledge. This module provides learners with an understanding of how the guiding principles of cost estimation are related to time, risk, rewards. This module enables learners to appreciate health, safety and welfare legislation and policies which are put into practice to monitor the effectiveness on health and safety in the built environment. On completion of this module, learners will understand current health, safety and welfare legislation applicable to the construction and built environment sector.

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Quantity surveyors work with architects, building contractors, developers, engineers and project managers. To become a quantity surveyor you usually have to study quantity surveying or construction management at university. The quality of work that is produced by a professional estimator is several miles ahead than that of an unqualified estimator. Our premier consulting, estimating, and surveyor services are reasonably priced and we guarantee to carry through your project within the allocated budget. We provide high-quality consulting, measurement, and cost estimating services at each stage of a construction project. Each of our experts has received professional training backed up by many years of practice. We dedicate ourselves to serving the needs of project owners and contractors who have chosen our services. We will help you win more tenders by streamlining your tender offers and giving them a more professional look. The practice historically of estimating building costs in this way arose from non-contractual measurements, taken off drawings to assist tenderers in quoting lump sum prices. The item refers to unforeseeable cost likely to be incurred during the contract. The appraisal level is the first level in the development process which involves both determining the client’s requirements and the possible constraints on development.

The tactical briefing stage, which is performed by or with respect to the client, identifies the key requirements and constraints involved. Mobilisation is the award of the building deal to the successful company and the formal appointment of the company.

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