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Two years earlier, the board members had voted to build an important new facility and renovate an adjoining older one. On the architect’s recommendation, a local contractor was retained to begin pricing the preliminary plans. Then the contractor presented his final budget.

So the project was put out to bid with no modifications in scope and still without completed blueprints and specifications. For businesses intent on selling to the government, the complexities of doing so have never been greater. A general contractor oversees every aspect of a construction project. You can advance to a general contractor position after accumulating substantial work experience as a carpenter, plumber, mason or electrician.

Earning a master’s degree in construction management can improve your employment prospects, especially during slow times in the construction industry. In addition to bonding and insurance, you’ll need a license in some locales. We believe that attention to detail and customer service sets us apart from our competition, and it is what allows us to continue to focus on high-end projects. Her challenge, however, was that she lacked a clear, focused target market to guide her marketing efforts. A key component of our program was a niche media strategy

A key component of our marketing program included securing speaking opportunities at industry events. As a result, my marketing was not very effective. Find out what your business is lacking and where it is leaking. General contractors, who may also be referred to as construction managers, oversee and coordinate construction projects from start to completion. It’s fast and affordable to prepare for your contractor license exam. It’s flexible and convenient to fulfill your contractor requirements with all-inclusive packages that use audio, video and print materials to teach important concepts. With a thriving economy and low interest rates, individuals will be more likely to buy a new house or re-finance their existing house. The campus will include a 600-seat lecture hall, dining facilities, an underground parking structure for 900 vehicles, and space for career management and executive education programs. There’s a classroom containing tanks filled with hundreds of species of fish. You’ll get a firsthand look into the contractor industry with tips on branding and marketing your skill set, strengths and assets. Construction estimating is one of the most important tools for contractors.

Our fundamental estimating seminar covers how to estimate based on material needs and the job at hand. The ability to properly read a blueprint is a vital tool for any serious contractor. The contracts office maintains a database of contractors to be contacted for informal bid opportunities.

business school Bus Contractor Business School

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