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Our welders specialize in custom home railings, gates, lighting fixtures, patio awnings and furniture. Local metal materials and products manufacturer specializing in creating unique interior and exterior pieces out of copper, iron, zinc, galvanized and stainless steel. To meet the needs of our industry, we have developed one of the most thorough and comprehensive training programs in the entire nation.

Are you looking for a career with good pay, health care, and pension benefits? Copper is clean, beautiful, long lasting, maintenance free and more importantly copper is a green element that is 100% recyclable so even upon demolition it can be used again in its entirety so it always holds salvage value and ads to the overall value of your home or business. If you’re not sure how to explain what you need in exact measurements, we’re local! You won’t need to worry about sharp edges or angles either.

Call us for any custom sheet metal fabrication. We can quickly supply the piece that you need so that you can complete your project as fast and as well as possible. Time and accuracy can both affect a company’s level of customer service in positive ways, but same-day service is a real game changer. And no matter how experienced the licensed professional is, the job cannot be done without the proper equipment. In his shop is a plasma cutting machine that lays out and cuts fittings with minimal time and maximum accuracy.

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Sheet metal raw materials providers are becoming more common. We have a dedicated staff that has the ability to deliver outstanding results while meeting budget and time constraints. Proud family-owned and operated business drawing on our many years of experience in the trade, we market and specialize in custom sheet metal work. Sheet metal contractors often are injured or become ill on the job. Consumers have great expectations when it comes to the insurance requirements for contractors they hire. Sheet metal tools and equipment aren’t covered by general contractors liability insurance. We are excited to be of service and look forward to helping you with your project needs! As a team, we are focused on offering not only quality products, but also courteous services that will motivate you to hire us for future projects. Our shop and installation teams work together to ensure the correct material is on-site when needed and prefabricated when possible for efficient project completion. Our highly-skilled workforce receives world-class, ongoing training to provide you with the best craftsmen in their trade. The type of projects we have been involved with varies, as does our shop and its capabilities.

We provide comfort for our customers, during the construction process and with the final end product. Working closely with our clients is one of our hallmarks. We have many materials on our floor ready for fabrication.

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