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Every contracting company should have a mission statement. Our pride and personal involvement in the work we perform result in superior quality and service. Basically, a mission statement should state:

Once you’ve got these points written down on paper, consider hanging it on your wall so that you can see it every day. A good mission statement isn’t just an excellent marketing component; it helps clarify for you (and your employees, if you have any) exactly what your goals are each and every day. Ask yourself exactly what you do to help improve your business on a regular basis, and write those things down. Framing your home can often be complex and time consuming.

Our mission is to insure quality, service, and value in all areas of mechanical construction. A strategic plan defines a company’s direction. Make no mistake—we are operating in a completely different environment than we did a few years ago. If you’re not diligently working to improve your operating systems, strengthen your brand and diversify your service and/or customer mix, it’s probably time to get started. You may find that local hotels near your office will offer you reasonable rates for meeting rooms.

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Bring along visuals and large poster boards to write down and collect data. After everyone has slammed a couple cups of coffee and the energy is starting to flow, begin your strategic planning session by defining the purpose of the planning session. Also reach out to your staff, asking each individual what their expectations are for the meeting. So when construction businesses use the word ‘integrity’ in their vision and mission statements, smart ones include some examples of how the company lives up to the spirit of the word. Another approach to add real meaning to vision and mission statements is to include a real life example of the stated values in action. There are many other words that are regularly used by construction businesses in their vision and mission statements, and in their core values statements. If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist, unless you ask us to get it for you! We buy direct from the best brands to provide the quality products to the industry. Being selective and committed to specific quality products insures the best prices to our customers time and again. A mission statement is not only just a plaque on your company’s wall, it is more of a necessity. Not only the mission statement of the company that makes a difference.

A good mission statement is useful tool for well-run business. That a traditional business plan often includes a mission statement isn’t a reason to do one. People write them because some checklist or expert said they had to. Imagine a real person making the actual decision to buy what you sell. This isn’t literally part of the mission statement.

The first component in writing a plumbing business mission statement involves giving an idea of the company’s main focus. The next item to address in writing a plumbing-related mission statement is to tell people specifically what the business does and how it goes about achieving its stated goals. A relevant mission statement must be meaningful to those who may use the plumbing company’s services. Finish by providing an indication of the company’s value to its customers — why people use the business’s services. So you can think of a mission statement as a combination of what your business or non-profit does and how and why it does it, expressed in a way that encapsulates the values that are important to you. This is the tricky part, because we’re not looking for a detailed description of your business’s physical operations here; we’re looking for a description of how your business operates generally. So take a moment to think of/list the core values that are important to you that are expressed in your business.

It might be helpful to focus on your business’s core competencies when you’re considering which values are worthy of being a part of your mission statement.

When you’re finished, have another look at your mission statement and see if it says what you want to say or if there’s a better way of phrasing it. For a new start up business, new program or plan to re-engineer your current services, the vision statement will be formulated first as it will guide the mission statement and the rest of the strategic plan. For an established business where the mission is established, often the mission guides the vision statement and the rest of the strategic plan for the future.

Our group of companies will continue to be synonymous with quality services and products. Like many companies, this company told me that safety was a priority. With dedicated professionalism we will convert and materialize the aesthetic aspirations you have of your commercial and industrial property into real surroundings that fit your lifestyle. We will provide this service by achieving a high level of customer satisfaction by being responsive to customer needs. This service includes safety and quality control programs that involve all field and management staff. Every member of our team is an expert in resource management and building construction techniques.

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Our ability to transform a residence allows us to bring joy and satisfaction into our clients’ daily living. It says to both employees and potential customers that they value quality products and services at competitive prices. A well-crafted mission statement focuses the business for both employees and the target audience. Neither one of those statements makes the company stand out, but combined they are stronger. The construction industry is a competitive marketplace. Experience has shown that our long-standing customers are informed and business savvy. Meanwhile, employees were wondering where the company was headed and what their role in it could be.

We shall provide education, training and communications which will increase the technical skills of electrical contractors. Have you ever tried looking for mission statement examples? The reason we stay loyal to brands is because of their values. When you successfully create a connection with your customers and employees, many of them might stay loyal to you for life. A mission statement defines in a paragraph or so any entity’s reason for existence.

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