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Our 61 plus years of experience prove our reliability and professionalism is second to none. Under the “relative nature of the work test,” there is employment if an individual relies on income from the business and the work performed by the individual is an integral part of the activities of the business. Under this coverage, you can take treatment without paying cash to the hospital.

This will give you a much improved chance at beating the average cost for a contractor insurance policy. These accidents finally leave behind a delicate and total complicated situation! More than nine times out of 10, there won’t be any problems. These hypothetical situations show why just having a licensed contractor isn’t enough.

While all licensed contractors are required by law to carry those various types of coverage, associations must do their due diligence to make sure that all contractors hired to work on their property adhere to the law. This requirement can also affect individual shareholders and unit owners. Insurance professionals also say that a condo association or co-op building should not only have minimum requirements for the amount of liability coverage, but for other types of insurance as well, like workers’ comp and auto insurance. Insisting on a good level of insurance coverage for a contractor is one way of minimizing the possibility of suffering a loss or becoming exposed to excessive litigation, but there are others as well. Insurance companies will often bundle a series of inexpensive additional coverage for a flat fee rather than pricing each type of coverage individually.

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Another area of insurance coverage for buildings under construction or renovation that need consideration has to do with any costs associated with a loss that ends up delaying construction, or possibly increases costs, due to a covered loss under the builders risk policy. Any questions that you have about the unwritten limitations in an all risk policy also need to be discussed and understood. In business and in life, sometimes you just can’t see it coming. There is an awful lot of heavy-duty equipment in use, including cranes, backhoes and diggers, and the riggers who operate and maintain this equipment must do so responsibly. For construction sites, the equipment in use is a critical asset that makes digging, lifting and transporting heavy objects a much easier and simpler task. Any hazardous, unsanitary or dangerous conditions should be reported to a supervisor immediately and measures taken to resolve these issues promptly. Injuries can easily occur from employees simply stepping onto and off of the equipment, so employers must provide adequate fall protection. Additional safety measures should be taken when rigging a crane to avoid serious damage or injuries from happening. Contractors regularly have workers who are at risk of injury. Overturns, collisions, even being caught in running equipment can cause serious injury to workers operating construction vehicles or equipment. Be sure that all vehicles have working headlights and taillights when used in low light, and use seat belts when transporting workers in motor and construction vehicles.

Hiring an uninsured contractor immediately puts the client at risk. It helps to speak to an agent that knows the legal rules and form options, as this is essential to any insurer familiar with the policy requirements for contractors.

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